Thursday, January 03, 2008

Life Happens

Does it not?

Let's see. Christmas was fine...because I drank a bottle and a half of wine. Not all at once!! I spread it out through out the day. The best part was realizing I was drinking Jewish wine while frying pork bacon. But it didn't stop me from carrying on.

New Years was ok...I had wine again, but there was also soda so I didn't drink quite as much as I did at Christmas. I also ran out to Dunkin Donuts for a dozen donuts, which lasted only until the next day...Mom and I polished them off without Liston's help...though he's been eating my bacon.

Burgandy is coming back to work with us on Friday. Yay! I wonder if Jerry realizes that he's only inviting more drama. It can't be helped when you employ both genders. But Chris is a rather jealous type when it comes to working with other girls.

Kirk is going to days for 6 weeks. :( If he likes it, he's going to ask if it can be longer. I guess he's never been on days the entire time he's been there and he's looking forward to something different.

I'm moving back home to take care of my mom. Walk the dogs. Cook. Buy the food. Pay the electricity. Basically let her become financially dependent on me. I guess I can kiss my own life goodbye.

Life does tend to suck. But that's ok...I know where I can buy more wine! LOL!!