Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

It is never a bad thing to stop and remember those who fought and died for people they never knew.  Without their sacrifice, who knows what kind of country we would live in today.  Granted, we are not a perfect country.  But we are a free country.

I have never had a family member, that I am aware of, actually die in combat.  But I have had plenty serve in one branch or another.  My sister Glenda was in the Army Reserves; she served in Honduras, and the Gulf War.  My brother-in-law Larry was in the Air Force; I don't think he served during combat but I know he was stationed in Japan for a time, as well as various U.S. bases.  My Uncle Eddy, who passed two February's ago, also served in the Army and was stationed in Japan, and Guam.  My Great-Uncle Larry was also in the military, but Mom can't remember for sure what branch.

I am so grateful for ancestors long ago who fought and died so that today I could sit in my kitchen, typing on my borrowed laptop, without fear.  Police will not break into my home because I've broken some silly law, like cutting my hair short or wearing pants (capri's really), and I can sip my lukewarm coffee while the air conditioner hums and Justin plays X-box with a thankful heart.

They did not die in vain.

Friday, May 25, 2012

YEAH baby!

Well, what a relief!  Even though we have Monday off, we don't have to work tomorrow so we get a three day weekend...the MAP room is not as lucky :(  Of course, there's nothing saying that they won't make us work next Saturday to make up for it, but that's not here yet so this girl is NOT going to worry about it!

That's actually one thing I like about my job at Cargill, almost the only thing, that once I clock out and leave for the day, the place doesn't worry me one bit.  I'm not 'on call' just in case something breaks, I can go away and not have to leave phone numbers with anyone, I don't have to stay any later than 3pm except by a few minutes (I clocked out at 3:05 today).  And I don't worry about something not being done right.  I just shrug at the end of the day and say, "I'll worry about it tomorrow/Monday."  It's such a relief!

Speaking of relief, I've 'shaved' my head again this year.  Justin does it for me.  We don't take it all the way down to scalp, though it's pretty close.  I'm not getting a lot of flack from co-workers, at least nothing's been said to my face lol!  My one sister is giving me grief though.  Trying to quote the bible to me about long hair...and getting it wrong...and then being told, "I guess it depends on what version you read."  I don't know about her, but I read New King flows a bit better without the "thee's and thou's".  The bible doesn't say that a woman has to have long hair, just that if she does it is her glory.  Written by a man who never had long hair to deal with lol!!  BUT that verse needs to be read in context, because once he's done, Paul said that we're to judge for ourselves, that he has no such custom  and neither does the church...the verse is nestled in a chapter about head coverings.  So it's not just about hair, but prayer caps as well.  And Paul tells us to decide for ourselves about that too.  But of course, we all have this need to feel ourselves more spiritual than the rest, so we pick a verse out and run with it.

I'm not saying I'm perfect.  Far from it.  I've grown less judgmental over the years.  People are ... people.  And Jesus is far more understanding and forgiving of our humanity than we are ourselves.

But that's just my opinion.  What do I know?  lol!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been having a rough week. Well, when it comes to work, it's been a run of a couple rough weeks. But for some reason, I've been missing the loved ones I've lost recently. Maybe it's just hormones, or the weather or the time of year. It'll pass I know. I just gotta ride it out! lol!

Justin and I went to the movies this afternoon, we watched The Avengers. Totally rocks. It was my second time as I went with my friend Jackie a couple weekends ago. It would have been better if the movie hadn't quit stopping. Our theater hasn't upgraded to digital yet, and they still use film and I guess it was getting tangled or something like that. It was pissing Justin off to no end - he so has to learn to relax and take that kind of stuff with a grain of humor because crap happens ya know! lol Oh well. I guess they're upgrading this fall. It won't be soon enough!!

Gonna go lay down for a bit, just tired today as well. I'll try to catch up more later, I have so much I wanna say and not enough energy.


Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

my mom and her cat!  <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, May 04, 2012


We all felt this way at work today.  We have a special run Friday morning, and some products get a different box and label.  Well, there were several that were originally considered 'buy back" - meaning that they go in whatever box they would go in for our product - that ended up coming back to be stuck in the special boxes and labels.  ?!?!?!?!  No idea why they changed their minds on any of it, or who changed their minds specifically whether it was the customer or our office.  It was very irritating, although the supervisor and his helper were the ones that actually did the rework.

It's just been a long week at work.  Saws not working right, box lines breaking down, people not wanting to carry their own wieght, but that's all over with now.  Until Monday!  But in the meantime I'm going to enjoy my evening, go see a movie tomorrow, and write write write!  I've been pumping out poetry at an amazing rate, some of it's great stuff too.  Some is just ho-hum, but I post it all anyway!  Lol!  I have to see if I can't get up a Zion post this weekend, and maybe finish the thing!  That would be nice, as I have other stories I need to move onto.

Right now though, I need to go find something to eat.  Lunch was at 11am, and it's now 5pm...which is too long for a diabetic to go without at least munching on something.  That part of my life is hard, but I'll save that for another post.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

PAD Challenge

So I've been participating in the Poem A Day Challenge over on the poetry blog of The Writer's Digest website, since about mid April. A little late, but better late than never right? Anyway, that's over and now we get to choose our 5 favorite poems from the month and send them to the editor. I'm not sure what we'll get other than recognition from him if he picks us as his favorites, but that's alright. There's another PAD in November and that seems like such a long ways away.

I've been writing up a storm so far this month, I hope it lasts! :) I've even gotten up a few new posts on the Zion's Children story on my Fiction site, and need to get more up. Trying to find the combined time and energy and quiet has been hard. Justin didn't work at all last week. I don't know if the boss was punishing him for something or truly didn't need him, but it was really rather irritating as it's the absolute wrong time of month for that cash flow to have been cut off...but he worked yesterday, and maybe tomorrow, so maybe the bossman is over it. One can hope.

I so want to go to bed, but it's far too early! lol Besides it's too bright and I know I'd never actually sleep. Or if I did, it's just be a nap and that would mess things up too! As much as I've come to enjoy working dayshift, I don't like how early I have to get up. Of course, we've been working 8.5 hours for a few weeks now and that always saps my energy. Ah well.

Enough for now. Must find food! Lol