Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Earnest

So begins the work week. Tina and I waited 2 hours tonight for pages to a paper to show up that..well...never showed up! And Christina isn't talking to me for some reason...even If I'm standing right there, and asking a question about something she just said, she won't answer me and will continue the converstion with the other in, she won't even look at me to acknowledge my presence. WTF?! Are we still in highschool?!?! I mean, how childish! And she keeps going on about how she's 'just one of the guys' b/c she 'grew up with boys and feels more comfortable around them as compared to women.' In other words she doesn't like competition? I mean, I grew up with boys too...5 brothers [2 older, 3 younger]...4 cousins [on my mom's side] in immediate age range...3 nephews that were more like cousins b/c they were close in age range. And most of the kids on the bus were guys, although they routinely tortured me. So, I don't buy her line. Nor do I buy her line that 'just b/c I flirt/tease/joke with them doesn't mean I want to sleep with them'. I can understand teasing and joking...but why flirt with a man if you don't want them that way or like them that way? That's what men call a "tease" - which if they don't end up giving out, from what I have seen, they don't like them all that well. And pressing your breasts into a man doesn't prove that you're one of the guys b/c I'm quite sure that is the last thing he's thinking [my, what manly breasts you have!] Right. You only do that to remind them that you're a girl, usually means you want them....unless you're doing it to tick off the girl that likes them 'special' and she's standing right there watching. Bitch. And then she wonders why we all complain about her.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Week Begins

Well, sort of. Ok, I'm actually just beginning my "weekend" two days off of work. And all I'm doing is sitting here at Mom's typing away on the computer. I wasn't earlier though...I stopped by Kirk's before heading to Mom's :D We watched most of the movie he had put in earlier...if I'd been there sooner, I could have seen more of it [and him]...but if Cliff hadn't called when he did, I would have still been in bed catching up on my sleep. At any rate, Mom is back home from Cliff's. As much as I love her, it was nice not having to worry about her and take care of her. She goes for a follow up appointment on Wednesday.

I called Tempy after leaving Kirk's and said, "Is it a bad thing when you're watching a movie with a guy and there's no conversation?" She said no, that it was sign we're comfortable with each other and we don't feel the need to constantly be talking. Makes sense. I'm still nervous around him, especially in his home. But I like being with him. :)

It's not a bad's just, I worry too much and I need to stop and just relax! In general. I might grow less gray hairs if I stop worrying so much.

Off to show Mom some pics I took on my cellphone while she was away. :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Be Thankful

Some things to ponder.

If you are thankful that your spouse, no matter how imperfect, no matter how frustrating, is still with you and not the 16 year old babysitter.

If you are thankful for the learning lesssons of the marrieds around you. Being single might not be so bad after all. Don't pick the one who will turn around and cheat on you with the babysitter.

I have a friend whose mother died recently. She had to go to Texas to take care of the funeral and her father. She brought her dad back home with her for a while because he has a broken leg. She returned home to a request for a divorce. WTF? She did some investigating and...let's just say that life could be worse for my could be her husband's 16 year old mistress who is pregnant and not her son's girlfriend. She doesn't see it that way, but it's the truth. Of course, she's also on depression meds so she's not 100% in her right mind anyway and she finds this all really rather funny. In a sick and twisted kind of way - it is...because how tired of a cliche is that anyway? The father and the babysitter??? I mean, come on!

I'm a little worried for my friend, her last email sounded more hysterical than sane.

On a more personal note: I am thankful for friends, for family, for a boss who schedules me to work at 9pm on Thanksgiving, for my readers [even if you don't comment], for dreams and hopes.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Just a little tired

I'm just a little tired today. Mom spent most of last week in the hospital. Same thing she's been battling, a nasty UTI. This hospital is a little larger, a little impersonal [which sucks] but the doctors seem to think of things that the others didn't. Like to test her to see if her bladder is backwashing urine into her kidneys. Not sure when she'll actually have the test, because it has to be outpaitent for some reason. So she got out Saturday, and brother Cliff came down Sunday and picked her up and took her away for a week. Maybe this week I'll actually get some sleep...even though I have to stay here and dog sit.

It snowed and snowed some more here. I was out taking pictures in the dark seeing if I couldn't capture the heavy laden tree limbs on my new cellphone. It's always a little disconcerting to walk the dogs in a snow storm and see the limbs of a tree drooping down on your car. I didn't think to get a pick of that...I just walked over and shook the snow off of the ones on the car. And I was doing that again this morning as I was walking the dogs, but on a different tree. Little Bear wandered a little too close and got beaned with some snow...but she didn't seem to mind.

I didn't get out last night to go see Kirk, because it was snowing. Maybe that was ok though, because he didn't answer his phone when I tried calling. Maybe some other time. When it's not snowing!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I did it!

I did something very risky last night! I dropped in on a friend unannounced...not knowing whether or not he would like such a thing. Kirk didn't seem at all put out, and seemed to enjoy the time I was there. I was smart and didn't stay long, maybe half an hour? Maybe not even that.

I was so nervous, because I have this really bad tendancy to completely forget what I'm going to say to him when we're at work. He's had to ask, "What?" far too many times! But we didn't have any of those lulls in our conversation. His tv was on so I was a little distracted, b/c I'm just that way when there's a tv on...though now where nearly as bad as an old church friend. But it was just football, which is something tame and actually something I used as a conversation point [who was he rooting for, did he have a favorite team...etc...]

And...I flirtily asked if I had permission to just drop by in the future or if I should call. It would be a great time for a man to say..."Don't bother." Right? And Kirk's not stupid, even though he is a guy. I mean, I've always been fairly open about my interest in him. Needless to say, I have permission to drop in.

On another note: Mom is sick again!!! At least, she was running a low fever last night after I got back to her place. She had a followup apopintment last week and she still had blood in her pee then. So...maybe she's still sick? Sigh. She's promised to call the doc's in the morning and so it might not get as bad as last time..or earlier? I don't know. I wish they'd figure out what's wrong with her. The IVP they did didn't show any kidney stones, so ... where is the infection coming from?

Off to read more of my latest read: "Echoes" by Kristen Heitzmann. Lovin' it!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

300 and counting...

This is it...the much anticipated...long awaited for...300th post. Waaahhoooooo!!!!!!!!!

I'm a little happy right now...even though I had to stay late and help with the Daily...b/c I got to talk to my favorite pressman Kirk. Nothing but small talk, but it's still the most I've gotten to talk to him in a while. Of course, Christina had to butt her nose into it. I don't know why every thing 'male' has to be a competition for her. Even those who can only be her friend, she has to have total attention from them...they can't be our friends too!! Sheesh! Carl is married, Rob is in a serious relationship [not married but they have kids together], and Kirk is over 20 years her senior...and as far as I'm concerned...I have claim on that one! lol!! Well, as much claim as a crush can have...

Anyway. I didn't get the reporter job. "not experienced enough" But he still wants to meet with me and discuss the possibility of me getting some of that needed experience. That'll be interesting.

Sigh. I'm back home. But I wonder for how long? See Mom's decided she'd like me to move back in with her. She likes having me there because she's not alone. I don't know what I'm going to do. There are enough pros and cons to choke a horse on. I'll probably list some in my next post.

~ Off for now. ttyl! :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bored Out Of My Mind

Mom is off to a doctor's appointment, so I will probably go home tonight after CSI and sleep in my own bed for a change! So it's just me and the animals sitting here doing nothing but playing on the computer and making phone calls.

Well...trying to make phone calls. I've only actually spoken to one real person so far. I've left a message with the Housing Authority to discuss my rent. I've left a message on Jerry's answering machine, just wanted to ask him some job related questions [so, how am I at multi-tasking under pressure?]. Paige's line was busy...twice. Tempy's number wouldn't go through, so apparently I have to use my phone card for that and I've only got 7 minutes left. And there was no answer at Kirk's, apparently he doesn't have an answering machine or has it programmed not to answer until a later ring [I waited for 7, maybe I should have waited for #8?] but I know he has caller ID so if he wanted to find out why this strange woman [it would have came up with mom's name] is calling him he could. I wonder if any of the people I left messages with will call me back? Maybe tomorrow! lol!

I'll probably try Paige again, even though it'll just be to have her call me back [only 7 minutes on the calling card, remember] I wanted to tell her about the emails I've had today with the editor of our local paper. Of course I'm not experienced enough for the position...but I've got more than enough talent to make up for it. Which the editor did point out. But ~~~ he still wants to meet with me and discuss what can be done to get me that experience. Not what I was looking for...but actually more than I was expecting. Kind of exciting.

Maybe I'll do some more blogging.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Countdown To the Apocalypse

Ok, not really...just to blog post number 300. This is ... drumroll ... 298!! Though if you count the first blog I had before this one ... I hit 300 a long time ago. Remember the old Amazing Grace blog? That was my first one ... and when I talk about my 'blogiversary' ... that is the date I consider. I moved to this site because I had a sudden paranoid moment where I feared that people from my church would take what I blogged about and use it for less than saintly endeavors. Such is life.

Besides, sometimes it sucks having to censor yourself for people who know you and would be shocked at some of your secret thoughts. Even thought I'm publishing these thoughts for all the world to see ... there are some thoughts I wouldn't want people I know to know that I have. You know what I mean?

It's been an exciting couple of days at work. One of my main machines broke down and I've had to call the dayshifter in to help me ... twice. It's been a learning experience. Mostly for me, but for her too since we had to call our boss in to make us a new template.

I'm going to miss church again this week. :( Life sucks. Maybe I'll get there next week. Hey, it's worth hoping.

Friday, November 02, 2007

False Alarm

Apparently "drafts" are counted by the blogger counter, because when I was double checking my count, I found three old drafts in my files and after I deleted them...I'm like, at 297 [this one]. Which is ok, because I couldn't think of anything "great" for number 300. So now I've got a few more posts to think about it a bit.

Anybody have anything they'd want to see for a 300th post? I could list 300 random things about me. I don't know if I know 300 random things about me though...I wonder...hmmmm. Any thoughts you guys?