Thursday, December 30, 2010

Points and jobs...

So, we called in to work today...again! This makes about 12 1/2 points for Justin and 11 for me. When we hit 15 we're terminated. I'm a little worried about Justin. I have another job all lined up, though I won't give notice until I'm sure I'm signed on. I don't know why Justin is calling off though...I call if he does, because I don't trust him alone with the puppy Jacalyn...he has a tendancy to not be in control of himself when he gets mad or frustrated...and the last time I left them alone, for an hour and a half, they somehow managed to get doggy poo on our ceiling!!! He still won't tell me how that happened, though I know it had something to do with walking her on the treadmill. Which she doesn't like. !!!! An hour and a half! What would I come home to if I left them alone all day???

I'm going to go work for Caregivers of America. It'll be home health kind of stuff. A little over a dollar pay drop, but it won't be refrigerator temps...and his family won't be there! It's been a little intimidating working with so many of his relatives. Both parents, an aunt and uncle, some cousins {they're ok}. I might stay with Caregivers even if I do end up working for Adecco. I don't know yet.

A lot of that will depend on what the test at the doctors says today. A lot will have to change if it comes up positive. My period is 2 weeks late, so unless it "reset" itself, I don't see it coming up negative. A little nerve wracking. I'll let you all know.

Have a good day everyone.

This is Jacalyn trying to sleep on top of Justin, no doubt she's wondering why I'm bothering her by taking a pic...I think Justin was trying to sleep too, but he might have just been hiding! lol!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Another waiting room

Well, I was in another waiting room today. This time for myself. Routine blood work to check sugar levels and such. I had to wait because the nice lady had to call the other office for the paperwork and orders.

While I was waiting I read part of an article on the presidential office, I wish I had more time to have read it all because it was an interesting read. Sadly I don't even remember the name of the magazine. Anyway, it was about how much more the president has to deal with on a daily basis compared to earlier presidents. It has grown a lot in recent years. Just a few short years ago, we didn't even have a Homeland Security department to our government!

It is a sign of our times, I think. Although I do wonder what has happened to the check and balance system our government was designed to have. We are so much busier than we used to be, and seldom achieve much of anything. I wish I was smart enough to design a solution for the president, and the one after that. Either the American people need to expect less from the government, which would free up some time or the government needs to follow through on stuff better. Idk. I'm not a politian and I'm not much of an administrator.

Perhaps we need to tier the government. Lower levels that have authority, created with a check and balance system so that the president wouldn't have to deal with it as often as he does. Although it would remain accountable to both president and the American people. I don't know. I feel like I have an idea, hanging at the outskirts of my a phrase that you know really well being on the tip of your tongue. Very frustrating.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. It's Kwanza week, and I might look the holiday up on google to learn more because I don't know that much about it. New Year's is just around the corner...not sure what I'll be doing to celebrate yet. On Christmas day Justin and I made the full family circuit. We spent the morning at his parents and then his grandma's {I love her!} then we stopped at home real quick to walk Jacalyn and drop off Justin's new tv. Then we went up and spent the rest of the afternoon at my mother's. It was a good day.

Justin and his new tv, taken on MY Christmas gift...a digital camcorder that also takes pics!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

A long day

So, I'm sitting here in a waiting room of the hospital while my Mom has a prodecure done. Been here since 10am, but they haven't told me they've started yet, so she's probably not even sedated yet! Hopefully this doctor will see something the others haven't and figure out how to help her. These UTI's are getting so old, and it's effected her quality of life.

Not much else going on. I'm enjoying the books I just bought from I've read one Trek book, and will soon start another. I'm not sure what to make of the Heroes was not what I was expecting. It's rather boring actually, like the Spider-man book. Too much talking or thinking, not enough action. Which I thought was odd for Spider-man.

No where close to being ready for decorations up yet, although I only have one more gift to purchase. That is amazing in and of itself.

Hope everyone's having a good day.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


How do you explain to someone who doesn't write where the ideas come from? I really don't know. They just pop into my head I guess. Especially poems. A line will start circulating in my head, "behind dead eyes" for example...and when I start to concentrate on it, hopefully on paper so I don't forget it and lose it...the rest just flows. There are some days I struggle for that next line, sometimes months and years. But where I am at right now, not so much.

I'll admit, sometimes my short stories come from dreams I've had. My entire novel was based on a dream I had where I was having an affair with a store owner and was kidnapped. LOL! Obviously once I started thinking about it and fictionalizing it, it became something else entirely. My two Star Trek fan fics were based on dreams I where the praise and worship band from my old church was playing on the Enterprise (hilarious) and another where Deanna Troi was key in bringing down the Borg because she was assimilated...I don't remember the details much anymore, because the story they birthed took over.

If I can catch up to myself, I might try to write another short story from a dream I had not that long ago. I dreamt I was on a space mission of some kind, suspended between earth and the moon...when this ship of aliens swoop in and kidnap me thinking that I'm the answer to one of their prophecies...I could not convince them that they had the wrong girl!!

IDK...I guess I just have an overactive imagination! sometimes on hyperdrive! lol!