Thursday, December 30, 2010

Points and jobs...

So, we called in to work today...again! This makes about 12 1/2 points for Justin and 11 for me. When we hit 15 we're terminated. I'm a little worried about Justin. I have another job all lined up, though I won't give notice until I'm sure I'm signed on. I don't know why Justin is calling off though...I call if he does, because I don't trust him alone with the puppy Jacalyn...he has a tendancy to not be in control of himself when he gets mad or frustrated...and the last time I left them alone, for an hour and a half, they somehow managed to get doggy poo on our ceiling!!! He still won't tell me how that happened, though I know it had something to do with walking her on the treadmill. Which she doesn't like. !!!! An hour and a half! What would I come home to if I left them alone all day???

I'm going to go work for Caregivers of America. It'll be home health kind of stuff. A little over a dollar pay drop, but it won't be refrigerator temps...and his family won't be there! It's been a little intimidating working with so many of his relatives. Both parents, an aunt and uncle, some cousins {they're ok}. I might stay with Caregivers even if I do end up working for Adecco. I don't know yet.

A lot of that will depend on what the test at the doctors says today. A lot will have to change if it comes up positive. My period is 2 weeks late, so unless it "reset" itself, I don't see it coming up negative. A little nerve wracking. I'll let you all know.

Have a good day everyone.

This is Jacalyn trying to sleep on top of Justin, no doubt she's wondering why I'm bothering her by taking a pic...I think Justin was trying to sleep too, but he might have just been hiding! lol!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Another waiting room

Well, I was in another waiting room today. This time for myself. Routine blood work to check sugar levels and such. I had to wait because the nice lady had to call the other office for the paperwork and orders.

While I was waiting I read part of an article on the presidential office, I wish I had more time to have read it all because it was an interesting read. Sadly I don't even remember the name of the magazine. Anyway, it was about how much more the president has to deal with on a daily basis compared to earlier presidents. It has grown a lot in recent years. Just a few short years ago, we didn't even have a Homeland Security department to our government!

It is a sign of our times, I think. Although I do wonder what has happened to the check and balance system our government was designed to have. We are so much busier than we used to be, and seldom achieve much of anything. I wish I was smart enough to design a solution for the president, and the one after that. Either the American people need to expect less from the government, which would free up some time or the government needs to follow through on stuff better. Idk. I'm not a politian and I'm not much of an administrator.

Perhaps we need to tier the government. Lower levels that have authority, created with a check and balance system so that the president wouldn't have to deal with it as often as he does. Although it would remain accountable to both president and the American people. I don't know. I feel like I have an idea, hanging at the outskirts of my a phrase that you know really well being on the tip of your tongue. Very frustrating.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. It's Kwanza week, and I might look the holiday up on google to learn more because I don't know that much about it. New Year's is just around the corner...not sure what I'll be doing to celebrate yet. On Christmas day Justin and I made the full family circuit. We spent the morning at his parents and then his grandma's {I love her!} then we stopped at home real quick to walk Jacalyn and drop off Justin's new tv. Then we went up and spent the rest of the afternoon at my mother's. It was a good day.

Justin and his new tv, taken on MY Christmas gift...a digital camcorder that also takes pics!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

A long day

So, I'm sitting here in a waiting room of the hospital while my Mom has a prodecure done. Been here since 10am, but they haven't told me they've started yet, so she's probably not even sedated yet! Hopefully this doctor will see something the others haven't and figure out how to help her. These UTI's are getting so old, and it's effected her quality of life.

Not much else going on. I'm enjoying the books I just bought from I've read one Trek book, and will soon start another. I'm not sure what to make of the Heroes was not what I was expecting. It's rather boring actually, like the Spider-man book. Too much talking or thinking, not enough action. Which I thought was odd for Spider-man.

No where close to being ready for decorations up yet, although I only have one more gift to purchase. That is amazing in and of itself.

Hope everyone's having a good day.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


How do you explain to someone who doesn't write where the ideas come from? I really don't know. They just pop into my head I guess. Especially poems. A line will start circulating in my head, "behind dead eyes" for example...and when I start to concentrate on it, hopefully on paper so I don't forget it and lose it...the rest just flows. There are some days I struggle for that next line, sometimes months and years. But where I am at right now, not so much.

I'll admit, sometimes my short stories come from dreams I've had. My entire novel was based on a dream I had where I was having an affair with a store owner and was kidnapped. LOL! Obviously once I started thinking about it and fictionalizing it, it became something else entirely. My two Star Trek fan fics were based on dreams I where the praise and worship band from my old church was playing on the Enterprise (hilarious) and another where Deanna Troi was key in bringing down the Borg because she was assimilated...I don't remember the details much anymore, because the story they birthed took over.

If I can catch up to myself, I might try to write another short story from a dream I had not that long ago. I dreamt I was on a space mission of some kind, suspended between earth and the moon...when this ship of aliens swoop in and kidnap me thinking that I'm the answer to one of their prophecies...I could not convince them that they had the wrong girl!!

IDK...I guess I just have an overactive imagination! sometimes on hyperdrive! lol!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Away

Well, I'm going away for the weekend. Justin is stayin home. He has to work Saturday, which is good because he called off Monday and Tuesday...I had a good reason to, I was sick. He just wanted to...??? Who knows?

My Aunt Norma is in a movie that her church made and I decided I wanted to see it. Mom should be here shortly to pick me up. It's just an overnighter, 3 hours away, but packing can be such a pain.

I don't like anything I have picked out to wear for church tomorrow. I know no one cares what I look like, it's a matter of me liking how I look and being comfortable.

Ah well, at least I'm feeling better physically.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sick again

I can't belive that I'm sick again. I just had a cold a couple of weeks ago. Now I've got another one and this one includes my chest. If I'm going to get sick every time that it's 'that time' of the month, I might have to find a new job!

Sad to say that's the biggest news in my life this weekend.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

What was I expecting?

I should have known better. Really, I should have.

I wrote a poem today, it's scheduled to be posted on my poetry site on the 15th. It was written inspired by a one-word prophetic word given to me by someone who was a friend at the time, and the memory that one-word word sparked.

Good old Paigey.

Our friendship did not end on good terms, though if she were honest, it was much needed and past due. We are both much healthier without each other. I was as much it the wrong when it came to the end...I was being a bitch...and so was she. She'll never admit it, she never could adit when she was wrong...unless you were someone important...but that is neither here nor there.

I'm guessing that she's still as pissed at me as I am at here. I'll admit it. I can't think of her without still being angry. I know I should just let it go and forgive, so I don't become more bitter than I already am.

Anyway, I sent this poem to her because I thought she'd appreciate knowng that the one-word word wasn't in vain. I now I shared the story with her, but this poem was evidence that there was more to it than just that. Heck, it ecouraged me! Of course, I'm encouraged just to be writing again. I'm hoping this means the writer's block is over.

She messagd me back with "Very nice".

Very nice?


Talk about cool politeness!!

I'm not sure what I was looking for, to be honest. More than a two word response. Maybe testing the waters to open some dialogue. I do regret my harsh and angry words at our parting...via MySpace of all places! I keep wanting to message her on FB and ask her if she thinks we can be friends there...but I can't. I know this. I'm better of without her. I'm happier without her. But it's like her friendship was an addiction. I see her on there, friends with some o my friends - we can't help but overlap. All chipper and gushy...and part of me wants that back. The other part laughs, is disgusted with both my weakness and what I view as her fakeness (I've seen the 'behind closed doors' Paige. Maybe she's changed...but I doubt it.

BTW - It's a great little poem.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Here's the full rainbow I managed to get two decent pics of on my cellphone on the way home from work today...I missed the middle though...couldn't get a good angle and it was Justin driving anyways! lol!

  • Poem
  • that I just wrote inspired by this beauty of a rainbow!

    Thursday, November 04, 2010

    The light are all on...

    ...but no one can tell!

    I had this wierd dream recently, that I can seem to shake.

    I was driving by my old church, and cars lined the sides of the street. I knew it was the night of one of their big services, so even though there weren't any lights on, I decided to stop in anyway. I went inside the lights were all on! Nothing was shining out of the windows. Out of the crowd there, only one person spoke to me...good old Kenny...he'd show the Love of God to his worst enemy, he's just that kind of guy.

    The thing I can't shake, is that the lights were all on, but no one outside the church could tell. The bible talks about not hiding your light, like putting a bucket over a candle. Basically you shouldn't do it. How else can people see it?!?! Too many Christians have hidden their light...some by their deeds, others by their holier than thou attitude, others by fear (political correctness). I can't say that this is a message toward any one church or person.

    I am as guilty at hiding my light as others.

    I do not know what kind of witness I am for Christ. I try my best. I fail a lot. I am human.

    The funny thing about this particular church I dreamt about that they're now called "The Lighthouse of Faith" Church. ????????? Can you see the irony there?

    I don't even know if I could evn bring myself to share it with anyone there. After all, it would be viewed as 'negative' prophecy. And since I am 'living in sin' with a man and God couldn't possibly have anything to do with me, it would be discounted anyways.

    But there are some things I just know. This wasn't a normal the one I had after watching the movie "Driven". That was just wierd. But this one...has God written all over it. Whether the message is for me, for really is for all who would call themselves Christians.

    Don't hide your light. That spark that lets people know that there's something different about you. Not a bad kind of different. A good kind. The kind that shines a light in a dark people can see the rocks, so they can see the danger if they don't change the way they're going.

    Shine on!

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    Feels great

    It feels great to be writing again.

    I've written a few new poems recently, and posted them on my poetry website - or are scheduled to be posted, and I've even found some older poems that will be going up as well.

    BUT - I've also been looking at my short story Zion's Children again and just put up a new post. I got so wrapped up in reading the story and getting reaquainted with Miri and Byrin that I let my cup of coffee get quite cold! Of course, I'm not sure when the next post will be going up after this, but it feels so good anyway.

    Justin had to work this morning. Just a 6 hour shift...not even since he was home at noon, but he's gone again. Off to his parents to finish taking our red dodge off the road. Cleaning it out an such. And I think he was getting something else off his mom, a vacuum packer or something. idk. It's the first he'd mentioned it, I decided not to go, even though I've been bitching about how little quality time he spends with me...5 hours a day on Halo Wars while we're in the same room just doesn't count and he's such a young guy that he doesn't get that! But I really had gotten into my story by then anyway and didn't want to go anywhere. Since I've got the house to myself, well, and the puppy Jacalyn, I'll probably write some more. He and I are going to have to work out some sort of comprimise with this computer. I need time to write now that it's coming again.

    But on that note... have to cringe a little. Ever since I've been doing more at this new job...a lot of heavy lefting, sometimes one handed...which is the only way I'm able to get my packages of meat off the line in a timely fashion - sometimes 2 or 3 at a hands are killing me. The right one especially since that's my dominate hand. That's the one that usually wakes me up several times a night because it's fallen asleep!! The left one did that to me this morning as well and is a little achy as a result. The right one has been feeling better since I was able to crack the wrist severl times. The nurses at Cargill will no doubt LOVE to hear that....if I decide to tell them. I should, but I don't want to loose this job because previous jobs have hurt my hands...please God, don't let it be Carpal Tunnel!!!...I'd probably have to go to all sorts of doctors just to be able to file a workman's comp caim against the Daily F-ing Review. What a hassle that would be! I worked in the plateroom for 3 years...often using one computer or another, all of which had a very poor setup. Oh well.

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    And now...

    And now it's Friday!


    Ok, if I have to work Saturday...that "woot!" will be changed to a groan, but I won't find that out till later today.

    Still, it's Friday! All day long!

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    It's Thursday

    And that about sums it up!

    Yeah, a real exctiting post huh? That's because I live such an exciting life! NOT! Up by 4am, in bed by 8pm. Blah!!

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Chilly Willy

    So far, my new job is just that...a job. It is tiring, makes my bad knee cranky, and is cold. Of course, meat needs to be kept at a certain temp so it won't spoil. But it's not easy to work in it. I've bee there 2 weeks, and I've gotten a cold from it. Hopefully I'll get over it quickly and adjust. As long as I'm pulling that packages meat off the line, I'm warm enough. Since I'm new at it, I am actually working up a small sweat.

    Overall, I'm enjoying most of it. Sort of. I'm a "maroon hat"...meaning I'm a new hire just learning the job. Justin's dad, who also works at Cargill, has been talking with my line leader, a "blue hat" who's like an assistant supervisor...and he says taht she says I'm pushing myself too hard. ROFLMAO!!! Uhm...where has she been when the "white hat" (regular employee) has been rushing me!?!?!?! Sheesh.

    But since I can't do things half way, I am pushing myself to learn this job. Mainly so I can get the white hat off my back. Because she's checking on me like she should have in the beginning, so someone has talked to her. But for me to rest for a few minutes now, would be going backwards.

    On the bright side...I'm getting paid $10 an hour. Until I get a raise after 6 weeks, then another at 12. Once I get past my probationary period, I should be making $11 and change. Compared to the meager $7.69 I was making - at a job I should have been making what I am now. I wonder what they're paying the new guy they've hired to take my place? Bastards anyway.

    Apart from that, I like being on dayshift. I don't like getting up so early, between 4 and 4:30am, but I can't deny that aside from my cold, I'm feeling so much better already. I'm not sure if I'm losing any weight yet, but my doctor is happy. My face does feel thinner, and so do my hands when they're not stiff. That's ok, they'll loosen up.

    Shutting up now. Going to type in a few more poems to be published the next few days.

    Friday, October 08, 2010

    Loafing's Over

    Well, my days of loafing are over. Starting Monday morning anyway.

    I had my tour of the plant today, and I must say that I don't ever want to see a cow "knocked" ever again. One minute they're alive, being led in, BAM then they're dead. Must be the girl in me. I can handle every other part of the process, I just don't want to see that again. Well, so long as I'm not the one that has to degut them...that didn't look pleasant either. Though I bet there's more money in that position.

    Anyway, I'll be in the processing part somewhere. "Product pull off" I hope that means I'm pulling the meat off the line after someone else has already pulled it off the cow. Not that I couldn't use a knife if I had to, I just prefer not to. I'm far too clumsy to trust myself even using safe methods.

    Orientation is 7am sharp Monday morning, and continued Tuesday. I'll actually start learning the job on Wednesday. I haven't quite gotten shifted around to sleeping nights yet, but I will be shortly! LOL!

    I wonder if Justin and I will argue less once we're on the same relative schedule? I hope so.

    Off to look for a book.

    Tuesday, October 05, 2010


    Not much been going on. Been loafing around while I wait for Taylor/Cargill to call. I was supposed to start next Monday, but I haven't heard anything yet. Trying not to worry, but my last paycheck from the Daily is this Friday...after that, nada!

    I've been watching a lot of Stargate SG1 on Netflix. Loving that! The feel of it changed in season 9 when Ben Browder took over for Richard Dean Anderson. I kind of like it a little better. But then I liked Farscape a lot, so I'm not surprised. I'm still warming up to Vala, her's is a harder character to read. She's cute though, that 'innocent - who me?' smile makes me laugh every time!

    I find the religion of Origin interesting. I can't help but wonder if it's meant to mock Christianity. I'm never quite sure. Perhaps it is the Catholic church? Idk. A lot of religions today focus on the the right way etc...and ignore the saving grace of Jesus' blood.

    Track Change.

    The more I watch the last Star Trek movie, the reboot if you will...the more I like it. It's a lot deeper than I would have given it credit for before seeing it. I don't think they altered the "real" time line though. I think it was an alternate reality, but that's just me. I thought for sure that Sam Kirk was Jim's older which case he was forgotten about for the movie. Oh well.

    I've also been reading alot. Last time I was here at the library, I picked up "Wicked: the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West" and I must say that I wasn't that impressed. It didn't stick with the history established in the original book "The Wizard of Oz". Tin Man did a better job at creating an alternate reality for Oz. I also picked up an Eve Dallas book, by Nora Roberts as "J.D. Robb". Those I adore! A police murder drama set in the future? What's not to love! lol! I'll probably pick up a few more of those today.

    OK, signing off to read some blogs and look for books.

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010


    Well. So much for loyalty! I worked for the paper for 4 years, and when I give notice that I'm quitting to start another job, instead of letting me work the two weeks out, the bastards up and fire me. Albiet with pay. Which is only right of them. I've been "free" for a week and a half so far, and won't start my new job until October.

    Talk about being at loose ends! Lol! Maybe I'll get out to the library more!

    Speaking of which...I'm gonna run and check the books out now!

    I'll be back! {If anyone comes here anymore.....well, even if not.....}

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    9 years later

    9-11 Pictures, Images and Photos

    9 years later, and this day is still a day to be remembered. But it's the "how" that is the important part of remembrance.

    9-11-01 should be remembered not only as a day of sorrow but as a day of victory. Victory because the attacks did not keep this nation down, we did not crawl up into a ball of fear. Instead we kept on living...almost in defiance of the terrorists who sought to hurt us that day.

    Some like the pastor who wanted to burn the Islam holy book on this day...not only makes Christians look bad, but also Americans...and to be honest, it gives more power to the dead terrorists than they should have.

    Whether we agree with another's religion is beside the point. It is how we treat those we disagree with that either gives credence to our own beliefs, or reveals us as liars.

    Besides, books should never be burned. But that's another post.

    Remember the Heroes of this day, the fallen, the survivors, those who still grieve for lost ones...never forget. And do not stain their memory with further hatred.

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Life Intersections

    We all have them. Points in our life when we can keep going straight, or turn either left or right and start on a new path.

    My sister is at such a point. She has the opportunity to go back to college this fall, and the question she has to decide is whether to pursue a nursing career or a teaching career. Although I might be a smart aleck and ask her why not a Teaching Nurse? Someone has to train the nurses, right?

    My friend Tempy is at such a point. She recently quit her full time job here. She's a single mom and even though she's living with her boyfriend now, they work different shifts so the entire 'making sure the kids are taken care of' was still an issue. She had moved farther away from our work place, and so had farther to drive...therefore more opportunity to fall asleep while driving herself home. So she's trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Start her own small business...go back to school...what exactly?

    I'm right there with her! I would love to be able to walk away from this job. The stress of working for a perverted boss who doesn't do his job is growing. The locker room humor that is prevelant when he is working is getting old as well. There is a writing course I'm thinking of taking this winter, which would give me some college credits. I had thought about taking the same nursing course my sister is thinking of, but Justin and I never really had the money to put towards the entrance fees {although he has no problems putting money down for his Xbox games...but that's another story!}

    I've been trying to find another job, but so far nothing's developed. I've interviewed twice for Caregivers, but have never gotten that second call back. I even put an application in at Dunkin' Donuts! I figured I'd eventually get tired of the smell of donuts and never want to eat one again!

    I'm in the consideration for being the next supervisor here and that's another stress I wouldn't want. The pay raise just would not be worth the stress. It's ok on nights that go smooth. It's the cranky nights I have a problem with...or the cranky people!

    Tempy and I have even talked about going into business together, cleaning people's houses. I kind of like that idea, even though I don't like cleaning. I have a feeling it wouldn't be forever for either of us, that it would just be a stepping stone to something else in our lives.

    Idk. Choices choices choices!

    Whatever I decide, it will have to be soon!

    Saturday, July 31, 2010

    The 411 post

    It's my birthday!

    Spending it with my mother since Justin bailed on me this weekend. I guess it's only fair...she was there for the first one! LOL!

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Computer Time

    I can't believe I'm on a real computer. Justin's is still at the computer doctors, but today I'm at the hospital with Mom and they have a computer we can go on while we wait. Well, I'm the one waiting. She gets to go have a procedure done. Still trying to get rid of her bladder infection so she can have her knees done! Poor lady.

    Not much has been going on, or so I think. Probably if I had a computer in my home I'd be telling you all sorts of boring drama stuff from work and relationship venting. I wish I could get up earlier in the day so I could go to the library like I used to. That's how this all got started. I'm out of new books to read, and I don't know when I'll be able to buy my cartload, so I need to go to the library for other reasons. Of course, 75% of what I've got on order for 'someday' is stuff I've already read, already owned and lost. Ah well. I know there was at least one new book I was going to get. Maybe for Christmas.

    Well, I've only got about 20 minutes left on this computer and I want to work on a poem.

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    A few things

    I had a Pampered Chef Party at my home Sunday. Only ten of the thirty some people I invited showed up. Not that any of them even bothered to RSVP. I wonder how many letters a month Dear Abby gets on that subject. Regardless of whether you're coming or not you should call the host and them her know your answer!

    Anyway. I did pretty well though. Got enough orders that I was able to get $90 worth of free products! Yay! I also got to order 2 items at half price. And got just enough orders to get a free apron as well! Very cool. The entire reason to do Party is the free stuff and the fun time. And good food.

    The funniest part was the party was crashed by the census taker...but that was ok because she ended up given me an order!

    I wish I could find a new job. I am getting so tired of the crap here. If it was just me and my perception, that would be on thing. But it's everybody. We all think the same thing about the same boss. But the higher ups won't even listen to our complaints. Don't know for sure what Jerry is holding over his boss, but it must be something juicy for such blindness. I still haven't forgiven Jerry for the time he refused to let me go to the bathroom when I asked. Next time I'll pee in the sink.

    Justin's liking his new job ok. He likes the discounted burgers the most I think!

    Two of our cats had kittens. Nooooo!!!! Too many!! Maybe we can get rid of them at the Pampered Chef consultants farm? I hope so!

    I've started writing something new. Not sure where it's going yet. It feels good to be writing though. I hate looking at a blank screen or piece of paper and there's nothing there! So far so good.

    Ok, that's all. Such as it is. Have a good day!

    Saturday, May 01, 2010

    Life Changes

    Life changes ... whether I want it to or not!

    The biggest change I've had to make in my life recently was my diet. Not because I want to lose weight, although that's been a nice side effect. But because I had no choice. Not really.

    On March 12, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Not the end of the world by any means, though it was still a shock to find this out. I really shouldn't have been surprised, both my parents were diabetic. But it still requires change because I don't want the complications I've seen my parents have.

    So, I'm taking a natural OPC-3 suppliment - which I lovingly refer to as "Threepio" because all it is - is C3PO's name in a different order! I spent one whole week on a De-tox diet...which let me tell you is no fun at all! Vegetables and fruit...and that was it!!! But I've upgraded and can eat more things now. Chicken, Tuna, fish - I can have every day...Beef, pork twice a week...shrimp, oysters etc...twice a month! Still not eating stuff like bread...anything that has flour in it. I've dropped 20 pounds and 50 points in my blood sugar. I'm really feeling kind of good. Hungry alot, but good.

    Another life change that I had little choice in, was Justin's switched jobs! He no longer works with me at the paper. He works at a meat processing facility now. He wasn't happy here, and so I didn't try to get him to stay very hard. Truth is, I'm not very happy here and I'm looking for a new job too. Though not at the same place...killing cows and processing them doesn't appeal to me. I've got a few aps and resumes out.

    It's not even about the money for me, it's the lousy principles I've sen at work in this place recently. That we've all seen. One shouldn't have to be pretty and thin to be favored by the boss. Granted, he favors all women over the guys, which works in my favor...but not even that is right! What a pig! I should be favored because I work hard. Whatever.

    I guess that's all for now. How's everyone doing?

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Still Alive

    Still alive and kicking, I promise.

    Been busy working hard for too little money and respect, aren't we all? lol!

    Justin just gave his 2 weeks notice at the paper, he's switching jobs. I'm trying to do the same. If I can, I'd love to get into the Practical Nursing Program at a nearby school.

    Ok, I've got to get back to work now.

    Thursday, January 07, 2010

    Church and Sports

    A few weeks ago, Justin and I were given free tickets to a hockey game. It was very cool and fun, the first for either one of us. Here are some thoughts I 've had since then.

    The last church that I went to, the praise and worship leader was a good one for encouraging the congregation to get hyped up during worship by saying loosely - How many times do we hoot and holler and get excited for or favorite team, but we can't even raise our hands in worship? I've been guilty of saying the same thing. And I think it's time we rethink this idea.

    It is very easy to go to a sporting event and get swept up in the excitement of the game. The rest of the people know all the rules and what is going on, and that kind of true excitement is contagious. The same could be true of worship. This could be good or bad, depending. The hockey game that I went to was enjoyable. I had never been to a live sporting event before, so that right there was exciting. Neither Justin or I are very knowledgable about the sport, knowing the bare basics. You know...puck in net= goal. Somethings we picked up on in the game. "Power play" is when one team has the advantage because a member of the opposing team is in the penalty box. Apparently it's all right to throw off your gloves and helmets and box in the middle of the rink, even though you pay for it afterwards. The more we picked up, the more excited we got. I don't think it would have been the same to have someone sitting there explaining the rules play by play , that'd be something of a killjoy.

    And then there are those people who believe we must be solemn and dignified in church. Yes, there are those moments. However...those moments are not always the same for everybody. If JOY is a fruit of the one is going to be solemn and dignified all the time. You can't have it both ways. Sometimes that boils down to something I witnessed at the hockey game...PERSPECTIVE. It's very hard to keep your eye on that puck...very fast moving. All of a sudden one side of the arena will burst into either cheering or they'll groan and you'll go - "What? What I miss?!?!" Perhaps the solemn and dignifieds ought to consider this when someone is jumping all around excited - that maybe, just maybe, they've seen something you didn't. Maybe they made a connection and realized a truth about God...maybe they finally received an answer to prayer...maybe God whispered something in their ear. And for those who are joyful...who look upon the weeper...maybe they should consider that they're weeping because they've seem something you haven't. Maybe they saw a news report about a mother who abused her babies the night before and are lamenting for the babies. weeping for the lostness of a mother who could do that to her own. Maybe they're not even sad - maybe they're experiencing joy so intense that the only outlet is tears. I mean hey...if we're going to compare being drunk in the Spirit to being drunk on alcohol, it makes sense that some of the same rules apply - you have your silly drunks, sad/weepy drunks, angry drunks and those you can't even tell have been drinking. It's a big big world and we don't always see the game play until the replay, and when it's live, you just have to take it on faith that the other side of the arena saw something you didn't.

    It's easier to be undignified at a sporting event because...
    #1 almost all the people are there becuase they want to be
    #2 one can logically assume that if they want to be there, then they're all of the same mind...this is their team and they want their team to win
    #3 No one cares what the person next to them is doing because their focus is on the playing field and team not the people in the stands - even the irritating guy in the back row heckling the ref's is not enough to distract anyone - that's just his way of getting into the game.

    And to be honest, I got a lot of grief in church for being "too undignified" - no matter what was preached from the pulpit and keyboard. But let me tell you something, from what I saw at the kockey game - my worship was far from being "too undignified". And here I thought I was on the winning team!