Monday, February 27, 2006

House Fire

Town had a fire yesterday. We hadn't been out of church for very long, maybe an hour or so, and I was at my friend Paigey's house when the fire siren up town went off. Always hate the sound of that. Shortly, we heard the sirens of the fire trucks....turning up her street. So being normal citizens that we are, we rush outdoors to see what's going on...we see the fire trucks and all that sitting up at the the time we had gotten across the street...we could see the smoke. It took them hours to get it put out. Everyone was ok, and they got most of the animals out...not sure about one dog :( There's not much left...the back side and straight up through the middle are gone.

Friday, February 24, 2006


'Tis Friday...all day long.

I should be doing something or laundry or something, but as usual I am sitting here in the library. Trying to catch up on blogging as there is so little time throughout the week. I did post another poem this morning, an older one though I will admit that I did some rewriting.

I was out late last night at Paigey's house, didn't leave until almost midnight---so hopingher husband wasn't upset with me staying so late. But it felt so good to just sit and talk with her. There was something about last night's chat that just felt ... almost like old times...but better.

I smacked myself in the head yesterday, getting into my own car no less. My thoughts were....uhm.....elsewhere....and so I didn't get my head far enough down and smack. Sigh. It's amazing they let me on the dance team at church given how clumsy I am. So I sat there stunned for a good minute before shaking it off and going about my wasn't until later I found the goose egg [ouch]. And my teeth are now hurting so either I smacked myself harder than I thought or my sinus cold is trying to come back {NOOO!!!!}

I paid my rent today. Late as usual. May they be forgiving that it's not the full amount.

I have nothing planned this weekend out side the usual...library, dance practice, and church...and then the library again...What do you have planned? Anything good? Please share...even if it's as boring as my plans!!!!! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Brother's Question and Answer Segment

As you all know from yesterday's post and comments, my brother slammed me on a few of my survey answers. I've left his questions/comments in black and my answers in blue.

Letter: Q
Now, I wonder why you would like the letter Q. I wonder what Jean-Luc REALLY thinks about that?

Uhm---it's the only Star Trek related letter. :P Any comment Jean-Luc??

Body Part on Opposite sex: smile
Age you wanna lose your Virginity: How old am I now? LOL
Can these two answers really correspond? It sounds to me like you might be lying in one of these.

What???? Sex doesn't start with a smile? should see his smile.

Strawberry or Watermelon: watermelon
What! Watermelon! You...You... TRAITOR!


Kiss or Hug: both
Now, this answer seems to correspond well with both your answers in the above mentioned two questions.

And your point is?

Rap or Punk: rap
You really like rap?

Uhm...I think TobyMac counts as rap and I like a few of his songs. I also like hiphop. Wanna see me dance with the vaccuum?

Ever Smoked: only from my ears
You know, I think I've seen that.

Without a doubt

Ever been beaten up: I had brothers, does that count?
Ever beaten someone up: ditto
Hey, I represent that remark!

Well, duh! Remember the time we were fighting and you punched me in the nose and I just stopped and started to cry saying you had broken the rules?? LOL

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: sort of
Sort of? What does that mean?

Oh for crying out loud. I'm not quite sure that kissing Jason in the back of a moving pickup truck counts as a real kiss. Especially when he just kind of all of a sudden stuck his tongue out and like.....what was I supposed to do with that!! I was, what, 16 and I'm still waiting to be kissed by a real man.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Hot or Cute: cute
Oh wait. Which one of the questions above does that correspond with?

I don't understand the question.

What country do you want to Visit: England
Now, I wonder why you would want to go there?

The Shadow knows.

Shower Daily: Yes
Now, who in their right mind would answer this with a no, even if it were true. You might as well raise your hand and proclaim, "I don't believe in soap, and I stink!"

I dare you to say this to Utenzi's face. Go ahead. I double dare you.

Goal for this year: Survive
God's goals for you are far higher than yours. OK, this isn't supposed to be funny like the other comments. I know that God's plans for you far exceed survival. In fact, I believe that they include victory, success, empowerment in the Spirit, and a furthering of His kingdom grounded in your obedience to His word. Stick with Him and shoot for that. It'll be far more exciting.

I'm lucky if I can see beyond the end of one day right now, but thanks for the encouragement.

Fears: rejection, condemnation, abandonment
"Fear not, for I am with you says the Lord."
"For you are accepted among the Beloved."
"There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."
"For I am with you always, even unto the end of the age."

Thanks. Knowing and believing don't change things overnight.

For those poetically minded, a posted a new poem today here

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Would you like to take a survey?

I would, and I did...cuz I'm an oddball. And if this works right, this is my 100th post.

Name:Only the Shadow knows
Current Location:PA
Eye Color:blue
Hair Color:soon to be reddish brown
Height:5'6and 3/4
Overused Phraze:Huh? -- no, seriously, that's it...
Food:Homemade mac and cheese
Color:blue or purple depending on my mood
Alcohol Drink:none
Bagel:with lots of cream cheese
Body Part on Opposite sex:smile
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing:Wendy's
Strawberry or Watermelon:watermelon
Hot tea or Ice tea:hot
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:coffee
Kiss or Hug:both
Dog or Cat:dog
Rap or Punk:rap
Summer or Winter:summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:funny
Love or Money:love
Most Missed Memory:I don't remember
Best phyiscal feature:smile
First Thought Waking Up:Can't I have five more minutes?
Goal for this year:Survive
Best Friends:Paigey and Muffin
Weakness:chocolate and English Muffins
Fears:rejection, condemnation, abandonment
Heritage:German and Scottish
Longest relationship:the one I'm in now
Ever Drank:Had coffee just this morning
Ever Smoked:only from my ears
Ever been Drunk:no
Ever been beaten up:I had brothers, does that count?
Ever beaten someone up:ditto
Ever Shoplifted:no
Ever Skinny Dipped:no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:sort of
Been Dumped Lately:no
Favorite Eye Color:green
Favorite Hair Color:brown or blond
Short or Long:short
Height:not too tall
Style:clean cut
Looks or Personality:personality
Hot or Cutecute
Drugs and Alcohol:no
Muscular or Really Skinny:in between is nice
Number of Regrets in the Past:I don't have enough fingers and toes for that
What country do you want to Visit:England
How do you want to Die:quickly and painlessly
Been to the Mall Lately:No! :'(
Do you like Thunderstorms:Yes
Get along with your Parents:Sort of
Health Freak:not really though I could be
Do you think your Attractive:When I'm in the mood to be
Believe in Yourself:sometimes
Want to go to College:maybe
Do you Smoke:no
Do you Drink:no
Shower Daily:Yes
Been in Love:Yes
Do you Sing:badly
Want to get Married:Yes
Do you want Children:Maybe
Have your future kids names planned out:If I did: I would want to name a daughter Ciera
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:How old am I now? LOL
Hate anyone:Yes


Not Much

Not much going on today. I got my "real" bus monitor today at the start of the noon run. SO far we're doing ok...she only had them singing once and it was a quiet song {Itsy Bitsy Spider} so that was extra ok.

Had an ok night at church last night. Rededicated myself to the Lord. I've been slipping something terrible lately. Humans are prone to wander, as I know from past experience. And besides, Chip Ingram was talking about just that thing today.

I have to go see if I can't post that survey thing I saw at Daydreamer's just the other day.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A pretty penny

I would pay a pretty penny if my friends could see the world from my perspective. I mean, I know it's different than how they see I've had one person tell me that she just doesn't understand why I've been hurt. First of all, does she really have to understand to emphathize with my pain? I mean, I really have no point of reference regarding her pain over her wild son who's been giving her some serious grief....but...I can be sad right along with her over it. Shouldn't it be enough that something happened and it hurt me...even if I don't fully understand it myself? It caused a pain to shoot through my heart and made me cry [This happened all in Septmeber so none of ya start worrying ok?]. Shouldn't that be enough?

I have about 5 minutes before I get shut down, so I can't go on. It's just something that is frustrating me right now. And I wanted to vent.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The daring librarian

OK. the outfit on the Avatar Girl should say it all. A bit of a contrast, isn't it?

What do you want to know?

So. What is it you want to hear about?

I could tell you about the bus monitor drama. We have one hired. Well, Central Office has hired one person. This is nice...but we still need another one. I'm not sure who's bus she's gonna ride, mine I think from what I've been told, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything! I hope she's not a big talker and will just let me drive in peace and not make the kids sing too much. {or at the very least coordinate the singing so that they're all singing the same song...with their inside voices!} Although---I will miss Theresa's distractive chatter. Ok, not a whole lot, but a little.

I could tell you about my soap operatic church. I think we're all nuts. It's not just me that neurotic and dysfuncitional. I think we all are and that we feed each other's insanities.

I could tell you about my overprotective Library boss. You gotta love Alfonse. Well, you don't have to...but the truth either like him or you hate him. I mean, where else can I go and be sung to while he mangles my name? But anyway. we close at noon on Friday's {why? I dunno!} and so he gave me the five minute warning holler so that I'd get off the computer. So I went out to the main desk and he started talking to me about something. The man could have been a Catholic priest or something with all the theological stuff he philosiphies about. And so he's going on about some book he wants to get...and this guy walks in. A creepy guy. Like, old, tobacco stained yucky guy. And he gave some line about not having remembered his card...and his speak was so mangled that Alfonse looked at me and said, 'What'd he say?' I told him what I had thought he said. And Alfonse said that the card didn't matter, but that we were getting ready to close. the guy said ok or something like that. Alfonse looked at me again and said, "I don't like that. You're not leaving here until I do so I can walk you out. I didn't like how he looked at you." What could I say but, "Thank you! I didn't like it either!" Of course, nothing happened, Alfonse watched to make sure I'd gotten to my car ok, but the guy was gone by then [that we could see]. It's nice to have people to protect you like that. And it's nice to know that Alfonse would have done that for any lady at the library. What a guy!

Did I leave anything out? Do you have any questions?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Love is patient [suffers long] and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. {1 Corinthians 13:4-8a}

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. {1 Corinthians 13:11, 13}

Love to all my blogger friends this Valentine's day. Love...that is, the unconditional love that this passage refers what it is all about. Without this Love of God, from God, for each other...we've missed it completely.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Once Again

Once again I've changed my avatar girl---this time for Valentine's Day. I kind of like it.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A quote worth sharing

Do not think of knocking out another person's brains because he differs in opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head because you differ from yourself ten years ago.
Horace Mann (1796 - 1859)


One of the bus monitors, this morning it was the Family Advocates turn to ride, was regaling me with the possible changes coming to Headstart in the coming year. The worst is that they want to run only one bus per class. that means I would only have to run for either the morning or afternoon class...which leaves me to wonder what that would mean for my income. Would it be sliced in half? It would be better I think to have just one bus run the entire thing, but I'm just a contracted driver so my opinion wouldn't be listened to.

The kids are still singing, something about Monkeys falling off the bed [I'd rather listen to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"!] At least they are quiet about far. it doesn't help that I've got a sinus thing going on, and so don't feel the bestest.

Can you believe...absolutely no one from Chruch invited me to their Super Bowl Party last night? I know there were at least two. It's not the football part that hurt...I really don't care who won or anything like that...but I would have liked to have gone just to be with my friends, you know? Whatever.

Sigh.....does anybody out there want a slightly dysfunctional busdriver? LOL!!!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I can't take too much more!

Oh the singing...the singing!!!!!! AHHHHH

For whatever reason, the kids on my bus have started to take up singing. As in, both classes...loudly and in unison. I've already gotten tired of the different teachers riding as busmonitors chatting my ear I have to put up with singing 4 year olds! Normally this does not bother me...but this is the second day in a row and with everything else going on...I am SO ready for the weekend!

How everyone else's week going?