Thursday, June 28, 2007


Jean-Luc's off for vacation so I don't have any daily commentors...:'(

Oh well.

The 4th is coming up next week, so my schedule is going to be all goofy...and I haven't even really gotten used to the new schedule yet!!! I do have a tendancy to get lonesome out in the plateroom...though Burgandy has promised to visit whenever she can! :D And my favorite pressman does come out once in a while. But he has to run the press and he's just waiting on the plates I'm I know it's not to see me...but I can pretend can't I?!?!?! :P

My car is needing repair again...this time the clutch needs to be replaced, as well as the cv joint...meaning MONEY!!!! I'd switch to horse and buggy, but my horse would probably get sick and my buggy would break a wheel or something!

They are replacing the cupboards and counters in my apartment this week. Hopefully today. Campning out at MOm's in the hopes that I'll get some sleep...cuz I didn't sleep well today {they were working on the building next to mine and every time I almost drifted off...they'd throw something noisy into the dumpster!!!}...not that I'll sleep well here either....Liston's alarm clock has went off once while I've sat here and will probably go off again 2 or 3 or 4 more times before he actually gets up outa bed.

Such is life!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Here I Sit

Here I sit...1:30 in the morning...waiting for my friend Dinah to get back from Walmart..and I don't even have my Trek story to work on while I wait...I'm about ready to give it up...I wanted to see her...haven't seen her in forever cuz of work...maybe later today...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Job

Sort of! My first night out in the plateroom was Friday...and it went well...sort of! Three of our commercial jobs wouldn't go through the computer...I had the big boss and the IT guy there before it was said and done. Strangely enough, whatever the problem was, wasn't effecting the Daily paper at all. Wierd. I've cut my self once, but that is to be expected since the plate edges are very thin and very sharp...not sure why they're called a 'plate' since they are a rectangular sheet of metal. And when the editor wanted to resend that one page...after one of the four plates had already been put on the press...I should have just told him that it was already on the press. Kirk didn't seem too upset--with me at least. I hope he wasn't. Kirk is the one pressmen that I don't want to upset...not that I want to upset any of them. He's just my favorite one.

Jean-Luc is off for a couple of weeks...I think he said he was going to Iceland and Norway. Never to America though!!! GGrrrrrrrr.........I might have to pout.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not Much

Not much going on tonight. Mom and I just got done watching a CSI rerun. I did some weeding in her flower garden...ok...her WEED garden...but by the time I'm done with it it is gonig to be a fabulous flower garden...even if it takes me the rest of the summer!! I will have dominion over this piece of ground!!! Ggrrrrrr.....

I had to work last night, on my night in the plateroom. I should have some nice overtime in this check though, so that's nice. I feel pretty beat though. I couldn't weed as much as I'd planned cuz my neck hurts, but that might just be cuz of they way I slept.

One thing I'll miss working back in the plateroom is that I won't get to chat as much with Burgandy, but that will be it. I'll actually be working on my own for most of the night, which will be a little wierd. Prepressing back in the plateroom means I get to see all the papers we do long before they ever get put on paper! There is something really kinda cool about that.

Enough for this post...I'm going to dish up some ice cream for mom and me. Cookies and cream...yum! Ok, I like pretty much any ice cream :D

Have I missed writing about anything y'all are curiuos about? Sometimes I forget.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alas, poor Chris...

A quick midweek post to intrugue you until I post again on my day off.

So, Chris has been supervisor for not even a month and she's ready to give it up! I feel no sympathy for her, {baaad of me I know}but I also know that part of the reason is because a position in the plateroom is opening up and yours truly shall be the one being shifted out there. She's already asked me twice to switch. I wonder what the big boss would say about that!!! I suppose I ought to feel bad for her...and I would have accept for the ungodly condition of the cart of prepacks that she left me to sift through for Sunday mailbags...if our old supervisor had done that to her, she'd have gone ballistic and refused to do she ought to think of how she would have wanted to be treated and treat us likewise.

My friend Paige is moving...just a couple blocks around the corner from where she lives now. But...she'll be giving me a whole bunch of flower bulbs from the new place...she doesn't like the ones that are, they'll be going into mom's flower bed once I get that thing weeded and hoed out. There's still an old tree trunk in there!! And rumors of snakes!!! They'd better stay away from me!!

That's about it for now.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well, that's over with...

Our new supervisor was chosen....yep, Chris got it...thank God!!! It drove me nuts whenever I was in charge of her. I don't think she had nightmares of me getting the job, like my brother commented below, because I think she had the job before Francis was fired and that the posting of it, and the interviews, were just a formality to make it look fair. But that's just my opinion, whether it was actually that way or not, I dunno. Will probably never know. But that's ok.

I spent this evening pulling weeds at Mom's, because she can't do it, and Liston just won't. I'm going to have to spring to buy her a new lawn mower too. I hope there's a cheap push mower out there somewhere. I say this because I have doubts that Liston will fix the one she has now. Liston does have to do everything just because he lives there still...but it would be nice if he did something. He's not even paying the gas bill like he said he would which he said would be like his rent. I know he has a truck payment to make...but if can go to the bars and drink, then he ought to be able to give his mother some money.

I of course got Acorn happy {pizza} last week and overdrafted my bank account so how I will buy this lawn mower any time soon, I don't know. Hope the lawn doesn't grow much in the between time. I have to learn --------- "Just Say No" to pizza. Well, I won't be having any this week, so maybe that will help. Maybe I'll make a deal with Liston...see which one of us can hold out the longest and see how much money we save!!! Ha!

Sorry I'm not posting very often. Been working hard, and haven't always felt up to coming up the mountain to check my email and blogs and such. When I finally checked my email, I had 49 news ones!!! Oye!! I finally got through them all. Wonder how many I'll have next time I check it! I'm just so tired any more...I don't know if it's becuase of depression, or whether I'm just overworked [and under paid!]

ok...enough for tonight...