Friday, June 03, 2011

What a week I've had. I've been taking prednisone for over a week, just finished the last dose actually. And I've had trouble sleeping all week. 9, 10, 11 o'clock rolls around and I'm not tired...which isn't good when one must get up around 4AM! It was catching up to me today, and actually I just got up from a long afternoon nap...evening nap? So I'm not gonna want to sleep again tonight! lol! At least I don't have to work tomorrow!

Of course, one night I was up late becuase of family drama. Mom lost her temper while trying to speak some truth to Liston's girlfriend I'm talking to both of them. Mom's upset because Alysson didn't want to hear it (which she's allowed) and Alysson was upset because Mom was yelling at her. Of course now, the entire trip that was in question has been cancelled because Liston and Alysson feel that Mom threw a fit...which since she lost her temper is essentially what she did. But since I'm her daughter and mother's can do no wrong, I'm not allowed to say to her! lol! I agree that since the two are in church, Alysson's in a ministry, that they need to be careful about appearances. I mean, if they've make a commitment not to have sex before marriage, then they need to avoid setting themselves up for temptation and not giving people a chance to gossip etc. And I hate to tell Alysson, but having your period doesn't mean anything because I lost my virginity during my period. Granted, not every woman is willing to do that...but I had other things on my mind at the time! lol! BUT - Mom shouldn't have lost her temper. Because it's only made matters worse. And to be honest, these two are both over 18 and well able to make their own choices.

Which is awful close to the argument I've been having with my other brother Cliff over my living arrangement with Justin. We're not legally married so we're living in fornification. But I feel that since we are 'one' in God's eyes, we've made a public commitment to be faithful to each other by sharing the same abode, that we're not breaking any commandments. We were when we weren't living together. Maybe I'm just trying to justify myself, idk. But marriage customs have varied over the years, and they've gotten more complicated as well. We've just chosen an simpler path. Now, if someday Justin gets over his wedding fears and wants a more legal commitment...I'd probably say yes even though he can be a real prick sometimes. But I'm not going to go backward in my relationship with him just to satisfy my brother.

Life is hard because it's not just us in our world! LOL!