Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This will be my last post as I am supposed to leave early Wednesday morning, right after work, for an 7/8 day camping trip out to Ohio for this crazy church conference. In reference to my last post, I also know it's time for a vacation when I have to work a 13.5 hour shift while people who arrived for work after me got to leave before me.

So, while I'm away, I have decided to borrow Jean-Luc's actor/movie game that he uses when he's on "shoreleave"...you know, I name an actor/actress and a movie and you have to come up with another actor/actress who was in that same movie and then name another movie and so on and so forth. Come back as many times as you want...

You can also just stop by everyday and leave me comments about how much you love me and miss me and hope I'm having fun but can't wait for me to come back :)

So, my actor and movie to get us started off with:

Mark Hamill [who turns 56 today] in "Star Wars"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You Know...

You know it's time for a vacation when:
  • You cry over messed up negatives. It wasn't your fault, dayshift did it...they tried saying you had forgotten to burn a plate [as if] and that you forgot to flip the yellow on page 3 [but it had a sticky note on it, so how could you have forgotten?]
  • You have to work off the clock b/c classifeds for Sunday were messed up and they didn't feel like fixing it, but since you know how to doctor the negatives to make it look right and you were so tired that you forgot to mention it to Jerry until after you'd punched out.
  • You've worked there for over a year and you deserve one just because!! Because you're a good worker, you're on time, you've only ever called off twice the entire time you've been there, and ... just because!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Headache That Just Won't Go Away

One of our community church's attempt to "outreach" is to have a webbased Forum where believers can post...well, just about anything. There's this nice disclaimer that you se eonly when you sign up saying that "we're not responsible for the accuracy of anything on this website". That's not a direct quote, but close enough.

So, being a good Christian wanting to do the unity thing with other area believers, I was a member of this Forum. Under three different names, though not all at the same time. Each time, one certain member or another certain member would be mean. And each time I decided...I don't need this crap. It's not that we all have to believe the same thing, other than the basics about Jesus and such...but they were disputing non-related things...like even bashing me personally because of some of my odd traits [what is wrong with offering up "what if" scenarios anyway?!?!?!] They were even disupting laws of literature!! We're not talking bible doctrine here...they're arguing literature! {what is a parable? apparently it depends on who you ask and literature has nothing to do with it!} So, when one character actually told me to leave the Forum...I obligued and reported him to the moderator. They sleep through all this crap anyway.

So now the Moderator is emailing me, asking me not to leave and things are changing blah blah blah...

I went, I looked, didn't see anything different.

What's the point? I'm just going to stick to blogging and the occasional MySpace and not bother with that Forum. Those confrontations were causing me to loose sleep. I'm not going to go there again. I like my sleep, and working nightshift, it's hard enough to get to sleep before the sun rises anyway...if I'm going to loose sleep over something, it had darn well better be worth it!

At least here, if you don't agree with me...y'all are nice about it...

ok, I feel better now. I'm going to go walk to doggies and head on home...

Here ya go Fluke :-)

Here is a new post, since Fluke so sweetly hinted that the flowery hug was getting old...

You know it's going to be a rough night when:
  • You wake up hours before your alarm clock is supposed to go off
  • Your alarm clock doesn't go off
  • The Acorn is so busy you just know that you'll never get served quick enough
  • Your total at the other market you go to for a sandwich is, gulp, $6.66
  • Your boss is picking on you before you even clock in [but at least he's in a good mood for a change]
  • Pg 2&9 of Sunday classifieds won't go through to the negative machine
  • The front section of the newspaper is going to be late getting to you b/c some nutcase decided to hold a lady hostage and then run away and stab himself. This has to be the same nutcase that decided to jump of the bridge a few weeks ago and made the paper late...it just has to be.

And that was all before 8PM....{I start at 5pm}...it just kept getting better and better...the imagesetter {negative machine} would NOT give me the last negative for A section...which was already late b/c of that nutcase. And then...it ran out of film with only one negative left for B Section, which was late b/c of football.

In other news, I guess Paige and I are going to the conference in Ohio after all. We're not gonig as a group anymore...and in fact, the four of us who are going aren't even going to be driving out together, though we will all be camping int he same tent. I'm quite certain we're nuts. We might have fun though. I'll have to put up some sort of "game" post to keep you all occupied while I'm gone...it'll be a week.

I wonder if my favorite pressman will miss me while I'm gone? Probably not, but I can hope right? I don't wonder about you guys...I know you'll miss me...LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Little Pink Pills

Ahhh....thank God for the "little" pink pills called darvocet! I got to Mom's after work and found her in pain again. I called the ER and talked with a dude there and he said to treat her fever first, and to see if some pain meds would help first before taking her back in. So, she's not allowed to take anything related to Advil, because of all the meds she's on [diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure] but she had some darvocets which I guess are in the tylenol family so I fed her one of those along with a dose of children's tylenol and that seemed to do the trick. She was out and sleeping in under an hour. She's still feeling a little yucky today, but feeling a little better.

Another Saturday night at work. I'll have to plate the Ithaca and TriVillage pennysavers, then wait for the Front section of the Sunday paper to arrive. It'll be a nice easy night....or it should be! How many times have I gone in thinking it's going to be an easy night, and have been surprised by some funky "hiccup"??? Too many times to count!

Maybe my favorite pressman will come back tonight and say hello...hey, it's worth hoping for! He has such a nice smile :)

I will have time for lunch tonight, though I don't know what I'm taking yet. I am NOT getting Burger King again....ever....except their Mocha Joe, that's good. Maybe I'll get a sub or something. KayLyn ran out to McDonald's last night on her lunch and got me French Fries, which hit the spot so nicely, even though they were only warm and not hot....she must have sped though for them to not be cold!

Mom and I are watching Star Trek 4, getting a giggle out of their antics. It's really a wonder how they survived some of the things they did! What is that saying? Fortune smiles upon fools and ships named Enterprise? Close enough...even though in 4 the ship is actually a Klingon vessel b/c the Klingons were a bother in Star Trek 3 and the Enterprise was destroyed...but it's still the same crew, so ya know!

I might get to go home tonight after work. I've spent more time here at my mom's than in my own apartment during the past month that I think I ought to get a discount on rent!!! Ha!! Anyway, it'l be nice to be able to go home. If Mom's feeling well enough. She can't be too bad if she's watching Trek with me, b/c she's never been a big fan! LOL!!

Y'all have a good weekend! ttyl :D

Friday, September 14, 2007

ER Scare

I had such a scare tonight [Thursday night]. I'd been at work for just a couple hours when Mom called...sick and in pain. Scared the crap outa me...hearing her like that. To make a long story short --- she called for the ambulance, thinking it might be food poisoning [rice!], but it turned out to be a bad bladder infection...bad enough that they've kept her overnight.

The entire time I'm waiting to hear whether she's ok or not, I'm thinking..."Was I nice to her the last time I was with her? Was I grouchy? When was the last time I hugged her? The last time I told her I loved her?" She might aggravate me...irritate me...frustrate me...but she's still my mom and I love her. Ya know.
I think that if Jerry had been there when she called, that he would have let me go be with her in the ER...but he didn't arrive until later in the night. And I wouldn't have been easily spared otherwise. Part of being "indispensible" at work. I don't think Jerry would know what to do without me some nights. Though he'd never admit it.

All's well that ends well. Mom's ok and in a fairly good hospital. I'm here with the animals so they don't poo in the wrong places and near the phone for when she's ready to come home.

And, apparently, Fluke Starbucker is back. Life will never be the same again! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today, well it was actually Tuesday afternoon...I got my tire fixed...I got my glasses fixed...I helped buy a dog for a deaf man...I get to go home to my apartment and don't have to sleep in my mom's recliner chair. The only way the day could have gotten any better would be if I had gotten money in the mail or sex...which reminds me, I'd better check my mail when I get home because I'm pretty sure I have a better chance of getting money in the mail than I do of getting sex....I'm joking!!! But you know, I really did have a pretty good day. Even though Jerry was pulling his cranky butt out when I was leaving work...when he waved to me, being all goofy afterwards, I walked up to him and said, "oh there's no point in being nice to me now..I'm still going to go home and write a whiny blog post about how my boss whom I always speak so highly off was mean to me" He just laughed. And then said that he was never nice to anyone...silly man! Ok, I'm off. :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do You Remember

Some events are so powerful, so tragic, so widespread, that they leave their mark on you even if they didn't directly effect you. I lost no one when the Towers fell 6 years ago on September 11th, but as an American, and as a Christian, I lost brothers and sisters in the spirit if not in the flesh.

I was at work that morning. It was back when I was the opener for the YMCA. I was chatting online with a friend when suddenly she told me that a plane had hit the Twin Towers. It was a while before I had found a radio to turn on, so for a while, she was my source of information. And then the Pentagon was hit as well. I remember feeling devestated just hearing about these events. My shift ended at noon and I hurried home and watched the endless TV coverage. I still tear up thinking about it. I remember being so confused that my church didn't call for a prayer meeting that night, that we went ahead with our original plans...a Woman's Aglow meeting that only mentioned the tragedy in passing. Our nation was being ravished, people had died and were still dieing and many were trapped, but we went on that night like nothing had happened. Perhaps I should have realized then that my church had some compassion issues.

Heros were made that day, as so many sacrificed their lives so that others could live, such as the men and women of Flight 93. And no one could stop the Towers from falling. I hope their sacrifices and heroism is never forgotten.

People are still hurting from this. Some have moved on with life better than others. It is my prayer that God would comfort those who are still hurting, that He would touch them and heal them.

My words are so inadequate. I wasn't there...I only watched it on TV. I've read the stories...and seen the pictures. But...I still remember.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Off Again

Short lived trip that was. Yep, the Glory Girls trip is off again. Probably for good this time. Not that anyone is telling me what is going on. I go out to my mother's for a few days to babysit the dogs and all sorts of crap happens. I'm not even sure if there is a group called 'the Glory Girls' anymore! Sheesh!

Speaking of Mom's - I'm stranded there again. Flat tire this time, so I should only be here long enough for the garages to open on Monday so that I can get the tire fixed. I ought to get around to getting my spare fixed as well so that next time I have a flat, I can just throw that baby on...or get some guys to do that for me! The guys at the little store I had to stop at would have done that in a heart beat...if I'd had a working spare!

So I'm sitting her at Mom's, having been woke up waaaay too early for having had to help with the Sunday paper last night...during which there had been a thunderstorm so loud that I could hear the thunder above the noise of both the inserter and the press! I wonder if maybe it was because the 'garage door' at the other end of the building was open? But I think we'd have heard it anyway.

I have a baby shower to go to this afternoon, and I don't have a present for the new mom yet :( Well, if Mom comes back soon enough, I can always go to the store before hand, right? I hope so!

Allrighty then...I'm signing off to go work on my Trek story. But - that reminds me...how many times can Trek tell the same story? I finished reading "Resistance" ... the latest TNG paperback/novel ... and it's like a replay of "First Contact" ... only with out the time travel ... and this time it gets just a little "catty" between Dr. Crusher and the Borg Queen ... especially after Picard is assimilated again. It was ok, parts of it were excellent, parts of it needed to be expounded upon a little more. I'm presently reading "Engines of Destiny" ... also another Borg story ... but this one has time travel and an alternate universe and Scotty and Kirk in it.

Ok, now I'm off! :D

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Two Words



I am tired because the college kids who put out the little newspaper don't seem to understand what a deadline is. Worked 11 hours last night...which is better than the 13 from last week. And I had to get up earlier than I wanted to because the cat was chewing on my toes!

I am hungry because----I'm at mom's and she has no "quick" food and I don't want to make anything because I don't want to do anymore dishes than I have to and she'll be back from her sister's sometime today. I don't even have milk for cereal :( And I am not going 25 minutes to my apartment to get my lunch for work either. I'll have to get something from the store or Burger King or something....their Moka Jo's are awesome! I might have to bring Mom some milk though, even though my brother should do it.

Anyway, off to work now...or soon...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


One thing that never ceases to amaze me when I'm writing a story, is when the story suddenly takes a turn I wasn't quite expecting. I've been working on my little Star Trek fan fiction story, and it recently took a turn. I've always intended for the Q character to show up...I wasn't expecting him quite yet. While Q does have a habit of doing that, this is not the first time I've had a story surprise me in it's turn of events. I know that has to sound soooo wierd. Because I'm the author right? I ought to know every nook and turn in the story before it happens. I ought to know my characters so thuroughly that nothing they do surprises me.

I remember when I was working on my "Journey" story...I was writing along and my pen wrote something that so surprised me that I had to stop and think if that was the way I wanted it. I had written that the prophet of the mountain was the princes' great-grandfather. I hadn't originally intended for there to be a connection between the throne and the prophet, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea and it even made sense...the prophet had vacated the throne, giving it to his son, so that he could serve God in another role.

I know y'all have no idea what story I'm talking about, but I think it illustrates my point. That this is a wierd phenomenon that happens no matter what I'm writing and it isn't just limited to Q!

It's really kind of neat and I like it, though sometimes it can be a little disconcerting.


Work was ok tonight. Had an extra job thrown in with everything else we have to do on a Tuesday night, but we got it done. It would have helped had Sports been on time, but what can you do? School has just started back up, and with it High School sports. Of course, the front section was late too...but their excuse was that they were having problems with the computers. That happens. Often.

I'm gonna shut up for now. I have to get to bed, b/c I was up earlier than usual and am tired. I ought to walk the dogs...but a skunk just made himself known...EEWWWWW...I don't want to go out there!!! Maybe they'll pee quickly???? Worth hoping.

Monday, September 03, 2007

On Again

Well, the Glory Girls' trip is back on. Apparently Kim didn't express herself clearly...she wasn't saying that the Pastors had ever said that, she was saying what would happen if that were to happen. One thing is clear --- we all need to learn how to talk to each other a little more clearly!!! Like that scene in the movie Independence Day...when Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith are in the alien ship and Will did something that surprised Jeff and Will claimed to have forgotten to tell him about it, and Jeff said, "You and I...we need to work on our communication" while pointing back and forth between himself and Will. So, we can go back to planning our early fall camping trip. I think we might be a bit nuts for this...but it is all about seeking the Glory of God, so we're willing to pack our warm clothing in our bags and take off for a week. Ironically, the one girl, Missy...who we all had doubts about whether or not she was going to go...she's the one who paid first!!!!
Everybody have a good Labor Day! :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I've been having a lot of trouble recently with the spaces between my paragraphs...on all three of my blogs...I either don't get any, even though they're there when I write...or there are too many! Is this something goofy with Blogger or is it my mom's keyboard? Anyone?

Never Ever

Things never ever go the way you plan them...do they?

The Glory Girls have been planning a trip...and with the space of a week....we've been on again off again...one doesn't know if she'll have the money...and just when she decides she does....another reveals that the Pastors have told her not to talk to another of the group...WTF?!?!?! Well...like Jerry said...It would be a really quiet trip...
There's nothing wrong with this woman...other than she's well...HUMAN...like, uhm...everybody else!!!! It's not like she's evil. I've seen evil...and she ain't it!
Sigh. I worked 13 hours Wed/Thurs. A college newspaper started ... and we have to stay later on Wednesday nights to plate it so it can be printed ... I know we're dealing with college students ... but I wonder if they understand what a deadline is?!?!?! We didn't get out of there until 6am. It's gonna be a looooong school year...
I might get some other thoughts sparked by "Chasing Fireflies" posted here this weekend...if you all still want to hear them. After that book I read "Watchers" ... by somebody ... sorry, I didn't like it ... it was ok I guess ...but ... moving on. Next on my list to read, is "Star Trek TNG - Resistance" where ... ooh ... you got it ... the Borg are back ... or are they? So far, Picard seems convinced. Liking it so far. Except the attraction between Worf and the new Vulcan ships counselor....I mean.....how wierd is that thought?!?! A Vulcan and a Klingon? If they follow that thread, it'll be...wierdly interesting.
Well, I've got Saturday night off...not sure what I'll do with it. Waiting for the bank to open, as I do every Saturday morning. And then apparently, I'm staying up to go with the "evil woman" to a memorial service for the mother of one of the other Glory Girls. Sheesh. I'll be highly caffeinated, to be sure!!! Oh, I'm also getting my hair cut...just a little. I've been getting headaches at work, and I'm wondering if it could be because my hair has gotten too long. We'll see.
Ok, I'm freezing...It's like 46 degrees here...and I'm going to get something warm and caffeinated....ttyl...