Saturday, September 29, 2012

What a day!

I hate when something that should only take a short time, suddenly blossoms into an all day affair. Ok, it was only 4 hours, but still it should have been shorter. Ah well, I guess that's the price we pay for friendship sometimes. I shouldn't complain I guess...I did get taken to the places I needed and was treated to lunch, but it wasn't the plans that I had for the day. Which mainly involved staying home, playing on the computer and hanging with my man.

Yes, this friend is a great help to me...going above and beyond really. But at the same time, she asks for help she doesn't really need. She wanted me to stay and help her put some weather stripping around her door. All I did was cut one piece and throw the trash away. She did 99.9% on her own. Idk sometimes.

She asked for my help again tomorrow, taking an air conditioner out. Which I'm more than willing to do...I just wish it could have all been done today. Sometimes I just want to stay home.

It's been long. At least I wasn't at work! I got to sleep in. Warm and cuddly. I can catnap in the mornings after I wake up, something I guess Justin's not able to do. I'm not sure if that's really a good thing to do, but it feels good at the time! lol!

Gonna keep this short as I want to go be with Justin for a while.


Thursday, September 27, 2012


The suspense is killing us! Ok, it's not quite that bad. But close.

I mean really, today was Thursday...and they still aren't sure if we're working this Saturday or not? Someone is certainly playing their cards close to their chest. How lame.

Not much interesting is going on at the moment. I only get on the computer a few times a week, I hop between working on my Zion story from my other website and my Dragon Dream story. I don't know if that's good or not, the hopping, but since I'm not into new material yet, it's probably 'ok' lol!

Well, I did do an online application for Justin. Since he won't do them himself. Not that I can overly blaim him. They seem to take longer online for some reason. I only did the Kmart one and that took about an hour. The Dollar General one said that it could take from 30-60 minutes and since it's already 7pm and I want to relax some more before bed, I decided that could wait until tomorrow! Lol

I've started reading the Wheel of Time series from the beginning in anticipation of the last book coming out in January (if the world doesn't end first!) I know I'll lose interest at about book 7 or 8, but if I can press through it becomes interesting again lol! I can't believe how long they let Jordan drag the series out, but at least they found someone decent to finish up for him, seeing how he died first :( Ah well

Off for the night. ttyl :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Caught Up?

Oh my!  A two day weekend!  We haven't had one of those since Labor Day weekend...which was supposed to be a three day weekend, but of course we had to work on Saturday.  But not this weekend!  We're free!  Caught up enough on the cows that have been killed.  Wonder how long it will last.  I did NOT mind the PAY...the overtime rocked!  I am going to miss that part.  But not the actual hours!  lol!

I've got a wedding to go to tomorrow, so it is a blessing that we have it off.  My cousin Kathy's son is getting married, which for that branch of the family is usually a once in a lifetime deal.  I haven't met the bride yet, but that's ok.  I'll meet her tomorrow.

It's sad when your cellphone works better and faster than your computer!  lol!  Oh well. this is better than nothing!  Off to write in my dragon story.

ttyl :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We will see

So, I have a computer again. Sort of.  It's a tower that Justin's mother gave us.  I'm not sure about it, but it seems to work.  SLOW.  But it works and that is all that matters!  (we'll see how long it lasts! lol )

So, I'll be able to blog again.  Write some poems, shorts stories maybe.  Blog boring tidbits of my life.

Like how I had to fill out paperwork today to document that my fingers like to lock up at home.  It's not like Cargill is going to do anything about it.  I'm still on the same job, for the same length of time.  No rotation at all.  Like there should be.  I do get to hot wax my hands on every break - the right one on first and last break and the left one on lunch break.  And I'm supposed to do hot and cold water contrast baths here at home.  My sinks aren't even free because nobody does dishes! lol!

And that's about it.  Gonna sign off to go have dinner at a friends.  Trying out sloppy cheeseburgers.  They sound good.  But her boyfriend didn't like them and she's getting a second opinion!  lol

Catch y'all later!  :)