Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Not as bad...

You know, this is really kind of strange...but for all the tears that I have shed in the past over the fear of this relationship ending...now that it has happened, I don't feel anywhere nearly as bad as I thought. Like...I honestly don't know what to think about this. I'm angry over her accusations, hurt that she doesn't believe me, still smarting from the yelling, but ... it's like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.

I'm trying to get a job as a newspaper reporter. I could do it, even though it hasn't always been my favorite form of writing. Everyone has to start somewhere.

It is very hot here, with sever thunderstorms rolling through the area. I've seen some pretty awesome lighting; there was small hail as well. The wind whipped, and the rain was falling in curtains. And along the western horizon the sun was shining.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Off Again

The On Again Off Again relationship is......Off Again. For good this time. I'm going to bet this is so, as she was screaming and swearing at me and pointing her finger in my face. I am a manipulative conniving bitch that can't be trusted...the voice of many witnesses testify to it...so they must be right. Reconsiliation will not happen without a mediator. Shoot me if I even mention it.

{{{{author's note: this post has been republished and can now accept comments. it is Saturday as I fix this and feel a little better about the situation, though there is still numbness inside.}}}}

Monday, May 22, 2006

Rural PA

It all pretty much looks like this. Rolling fields. Farms dotting the horizon. This was taken just up the road from where my Mom lives...was coming home after Easter dinner and saw this and thought it would make a good shot. However, it was on a one-time use camera so the range was rather limited. Still not too bad.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The redneck way of life

This was taken on Easter Sunday.

It's a picture of my youngest brother .... stapling a torn seam in his pants.

He's 21 and did this right in front of our mother. Mother wanted the picture taken to show a slice of the 'redneck' way of life...but I'm not sure if it is. I think my brother is just odd. I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to just give the jeans up...or give them to Mom to see if she can't mend them? Noooo....let's staple it.

Goofball. :)

Bob fans: go here!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Behind the Poem

In short, the hurt behind the poem is that my friend whom I just made up with and reached a new understanding with...had decided to cut me off...this time for my good as she started to believe the lie that she is a bad influence on me. Well, I didn't take it very well, argued with her for most of Saturday about it, trying to get her to understand that I don't think she's a bad influence and that it's my opinion that counts. I am almost 30 years old, I don't need my pastors deciding who I can and can't be friends with. They are free to express their opinions and concerns, but ultimately the choice is mine.

I'm not sure what exactly happened Friday night at the Watch, but it was the straw that broke the camels back for her. She and her husband decided that they will no longer be going to my church. A decision that at this time I wholeheartedly support----so long as she doesn't lock her door on me! I know things will change, but it doesn't have to be in a bad way. We ought to be able to decide together what those changes will be since it's our friendship.

We haven't always had such a turbulent relationship. Honest. I'm not sure when this rollercoaster ride started exactly. Maybe in October? I dunno. {shrug}

She's been so beat on by our pastors and other leadership at our church that it's not funny.

But to say so is "focusing on the negative" and we wouldn't want to be negative people now would we? How else can we know what to fix if first we can't admit that it's broken.

So, it was a rough weekend.

And then, Monday, I get notice that our housing inspections are going ot be on Wednesday of this week. Great! Housework is the first thing that suffers when I get depressed and since I've been fighting it on and off for moths, I had some work to so. Which is where I've been this week. Cleaning and organizing. I swallowed my pride and asked a friend to help, and so now the apartment is so organized...like, I should have had this friend around to help me when I first moved in because she is like amazing!

OK. Have to go now. I have to go babysit the kids of my bad influence soon and I want to talk to England before I have to go. LOL!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


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Friday, May 12, 2006

Isn't She Cute?

Isn't she the cutest? Well, so, ok, I'm partial to her.

This is "my" dog...Little Bear. I got her shortly after high school graduation, even though Dad said, "No dogs" when we left to house to go look at her.

I was depressed that year, quite badly. I had just been kicked out of college for being depressed, and was feeling quite the failure. And I thank God that this pup came into my life. She gave me friendship, and someone else to think about other than myself.

Little Bear was never able to forgive me when I went out and got a real job, and so became my mother's dog. She wouldn't give me the time of day for years. Until I moved out on my own...now she can't get enough of me when I visit. How typical!

She's going on 12 years-old now, which is like .. alot .. in dog years. She only ever had one litter up puppies...underneath my bed...in the middle of the January 1996 flood. She was fixed shortly after that, which is why she's a little bit of a porker in this photo which was taken Easter Sunday in my mother's driveway {{{And for those of you wondering --- those feet in the background belong to my mother!!}}}

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two Things

Two things:
My friend and I made up. I had forgotten just how badly she's been taking a lot of stuff at church...I mean, she does have reason to be suspicious and all as the church is blaming just about everything on her right now. She and I compared some notes and we've both been pretty low at the same time. She did read my emails, and so she took a little bit of time to let me in on some things I didn't know. I was wrong in some of the things I had said, but she didn't hold it against me. As I told England when talking to him about it...we've decided to trust each other again even though it really goes against reason in a lot of ways.

Next. I'm thinking of making some changes to my blog. I read an article in a magazine that suggested I out right ask my readers for constructive criticism. So---what changes would you all suggest????

Saturday, May 06, 2006

So true

Nothing against rednecks...honest...I'm related to a few...there's a moral in this story, honest...

The Restaurant

An Irishman in a wheel chair entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Irishman looked across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus sitting over there?" The waitress nodded "yes," so the Irishman told her to give Jesus a cup of coffee on him.

The next patron to come in was an Englishman with a hunched back. He shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the waitress for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus over there?" The waitress nodded again, so the Englishman said to give Jesus a cup of hot tea, too.

The third patron to come into the restaurant was a Redneck on crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered, "Hey there sweet thang, how's about gettin' me a cold glass of RC!" He too, looked across the restaurant and asked, "Is that God's boy over there?" The waitress nodded again, so the Redneck said to give Jesus a cold glass of RC, too.

As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Irishman, touched him and said, "For your kindness, you are healed." The Irishman felt the strength come back into his legs, got up and danced a jig out the door.

Jesus also passed by the Englishman, touched him and said, "For your kindness, you are healed." The Englishman felt his back straightening up, and he raised up his hands, praised the Lord and did a series of back flips out the door.

Then Jesus walked towards the Redneck. The Redneck jumped up and yelled, "Hey, man, don't touch me...... I'm drawin' disability!!!!!"


So. I haven't been to see my friend since Tuesday. I figured, ya know...who wants to be around someone who doesn't trust you...and who would want someone around that you didn't trust. Especially if you're going to the hospital because of chest pains. Which, Paigeylouwho was taken Wednesday to the hospital for. And then, the next day she emails me, telling me about what was going on and asking for prayer. So, I'm a little confused. I should have swallowed my hurt and pride then and went to see her instead of condemning myself for her anxiety attack. But...Getting ready to go to the Prayer Watch last night, our other friend that we share {Dinah}, told me how Paigeylouwho had emailed her to see if she'd seen me and did Dinah know if I was mad at her. Back up the banana boat!!! Why didn't she email me to find out what was going on??? Which is what I asked her this morning in an email. {we were ok at the Watch last night, but it's not exactly a place to be yakking...even if we could get Pastor to understand that we were making up, I think he'd be displeased that we were doing it during the Watch. I could be wrong on that though.} I also asked her if she wasn't mad at me. So, she emailed back and said I could come over today. Nothing else, just "you can come over today" in the subject box. I hope this isn't another Inquisition like with Pastors on last Friday. Should be interesting. Hope it doesn't rip me up to badly.

The funny part is. Dinah replied to her that yeah, I'd been up to her place the past two nights. She also told me how she commented about how well Paigeylouwho and I don't gossip. Is that a kicker or what?

If she wants to know why I was up to Dinah's...gonna tell her the truth. Dinah lets me watch tv and use her computer and fixes me chocolate milkshakes when I'm down.

Oh well. We'll see how it goes.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I forgot to tell you all the results of my meeting last Friday with Pastors about the guy who wanted to "share his abundance".

I got in trouble for 'jumping to conclusions', for not being 'nice' to a "brother in Christ". There were also thinly veiled accusations regarding my friend, which I was stupid enough to share with her, because she's the only one I've been to talk to about stuff...though it is no secret that Pastors are not her biggest fans right now. So now she's pointing the finger at me, and she's not appreciating my "What did I do?" response.

I have to walk away. And she's going to think that it proves her right.

What will she do when the gossip about her doesn't stop? Who will she blame then? Perhaps she ought to stop feeding the monster of gossip - maybe then it would stop biting her.

But what do I know? I'm just the dumbass woman she's been mentoring for over two years. I get smacked down everytime I disagree with her. Smack a puppy long enough and it'll run away, or turn viscious. Right now I'm opting for running away, although Cliff and England have both been talking me down from my most drastic measures.

And I have further pissed her off, if she's bothering to read any of my "arguementative manipulative" emails, by telling her that she gets what she sows into people...and that she's exacting revenge on the church by throwing out BS to me and others in an attempt to teach us all a lesson on gossip. She's not God, she doesn't have to set up life lessons for me and the rest of us at this disfunctional church, we can foul up all on our own, thank you very much.

Perhaps I am warped and rebellious and wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.


Oh yes! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here I Am Again

Well, my friend who admits that she feeds me bogus comments to see if I'll betray her to pastors is calling me a liar. Does anyone else see the irony in that?

I thought we had everything ironed out - but perhaps that was another one of her lies.

Life pretty much sucks right now. I myself don't think I've hurt her nearly as bad as she thinks I have...but then who am I to say. So - I'm taking myself out. I'm not going to her house, except to babysit her kids as I still owe her money [which she insists isn't part of the problem], I'm not ever going to visit my pastors again as they are just as manipulative, I'm not going to home group. I'm not sure what to do about our Tuesday night bible study we were just starting, or that stupid Friday night Watch. I'm not going to talk to anyone at church---just in and out on Sunday mornings.

And if you're reading this "Paigeylouwho" ---- you can just bite me.