Friday, February 20, 2009


Such as they are.

Nothing has changed with the car situation....I still don't have one. I got my car back from the mechanic - and it lasted maybe two weeks, if that. I've been getting rides to work mainly with my one nephew, sometimes my brother. I get rides home either from Burg or Austin, sometimes Tempy. Very tiring, especially since I still owe for the initial repairs.

My sister flew back in from Texas this week, causing all sorts of family drama. Apparently she is about two months late, she should have came back in December [there was a court order] so she's lost sole custody of AK. I guess we knew what we were talking about, Mom and I. She didn't even have a lawyer and Adam's had one since she left.

Things are slow at work. Not really good. I hate having nothing to do. It means I've either got to clean something or go out into the mailroom. But then again, Tina just sent down a whole bunch of notes that I've got to sort through.

They just fired one of the pressmen {Amanda} about two weeks ago, so Justin's schedule has been different then mine so that his training can be accelerated. They need him to be able to run the press by himself quickly. We get to see each other about three days a week, only at work because we don't have a vehicle. That will be changing in the next month because we're shifting one of our print jobs to a different facility.

Mom just got Dish network, with a free DVR upgrade...which is niiiice...I love being able to record Stargate and MASH! And watching House and Home Improvement.

I've got to go kick the dog out of my spot now, he's been too comfortable for too long!