Monday, July 31, 2006

30 Years Ago Today

My Mom was sighing a big sigh of relief that I was finally out of her!!!! LOL!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Gone Postal

Can newspaper people "go postal"? After the other night, I almost think so.

We had another employee just clock out and walk off ~ ~ either she "wasn't feeling good" or someone pissed her off. We were already short before she left!!! The other guy that was working was getting a little short tempered with her ~ ~ not sure if she is really as dense as she seems to be or if it is all just an act. She "gets it" as long as the boss is standing nearby to see her. Very frustrating.

Supervisor tried calling my Boyfriend in, but the line was busy so he called Chris, the nicest bitch I've ever worked with. Which is ok, because she's a very good worker. Needs to work on her attitude a little bit, but don't we all? But Gloria will probably get away with walking away like the other girl did. Especially if she tries saying Jim was "mean" to her. Puh-leeeeeze!!!

And then one of the carriers who also takes postal pissed because we were running late and one of her bundles broke before it ever got into the car.....and threw it at me. So what do I do...but pick it up and go back into the building in tears. Well, it had been a really long night, and was getting longer by the minute.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hi Guys.

I don't know if I'm "back" yet, but thought I'd put up a quick post since I have tonight off. We've just switched to 4 ten hour days a week, so once I get adjusted to that, I might have more time to blog again.

The biggest reason for my break is that I was trying to decide between two different men. I have broken up with England, though we've agreed to remain friends and leave comments on each others blogs and the like. I'm now going out with a guy at work. I probably won't talk about him much here since I do not want to be insensitive to England. :)

Last night was wretched at work...we had one person not show up, another one left in the middle of the shift...without permission or the supervisor's knowledge even...she didn't pull her own weight anyways, so I wonder if it was that big of a loss? The man that was to run the press didn't show up. Then the pressman that was called in to take his place left before he should have {without the super knowing it}. Our insert machine broke down, which made us even later than we already were. So, our 7pm to 5:30am shift turned into 7pm to after 7:30am!!!!!!!!! I am wiped and very glad that I didn't have to go back in tonight, though I do feel bad for those who had to be back there at 6 tonight. But...I'm still sitting here wondering if they're covered for tongith and tomorrow night. Wondering whether to call in and ask or not.

Maybe tomorrow. :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Hey gang!

I'm going to be absent from the blogworld for a while. This goes for all my sites {sorry Bob fans} I just need some time away. If you want to know what I'm up to, email me. {shrug}

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Picture's Worth...

What this photo says:

No matter where you are planted, you can bloom...sometimes in the midst of an amazing amount of adversity. That despite all the odds, you can persevere.

What this photo doesn't tell you:

This bulb was dormant for 10 years, having missed being uprooted with the rest of the bulbs when the garden was pulled out for a new trailer to be put in. Ten years of waiting for the soil to erode and be thin enough for it to poke it's head out once again into the sunlight.

And the adversity due to man's neglect. If man had paid more attention to this plant, and the weeds removed, how much more beautiful could this flower have been? Less raged looking?

How much more beautiful is the tattered flower because of the adversity it had to endure though?

And on the flip side...without man's neglect, the daffodil would never have been able to bloom because other flowers would have been planted on top of it.

So...does that mean that God can use even man's neglect to His purpose.

That which man meant for "evil"......

Just a thought.