Wednesday, April 25, 2007

At Long Last

I just realized that it's been almost two weeks since I've posted...I know you missed me...but there hasn't been much to write about...of course, this might be because I don't check my email everyday I don't have forwards to comment on...

Like the one I am looking at of men who have several...interesting...piercings. That is putting it mildly. Several ear piercings..nose piercings...eyebrows...noses {sides and middle}...upper lips...lower lips {?}...the front of the neck {with 'shoe lacings'}...spikes out of the foreheads...fingers.

The email is picking on these men, poking fun at how they're unemployable. While I do not support these wild heart breaks for the men...I don't know how else to say this...and it has little to do with their piercings, honest...but I can see the LOSTNESS in their eyes. "Please..somebody save me..." - that is what I see in most of their eyes. I wonder if they're aware of it. And what do us Christians do...who are supposed to have all the answers? Perpetuate the problem!!! I have half a notion to "reply to all" with a comment about their lostness, but after looking at who else it was sent to...I have decided not to...I would no doubt get in trouble with Pastor...I'm there enough as it is. I shouldn't worry about that...but I do...

In other news...Jerry has decided to play with our us "official" days off. Meaning that barring special events, such as my sister's college graduation, we will have the same days off each week, up until the end of July when he'll play with it again. The days he gave me were the same ones I've had off for the last month...Wednesday and Thursday...not only will I get to keep on going to Wednesday night church group, but I'll also get to keep on watching CSI {I am SO bad!}.

I have to go now. PS, Cliff, I answered your questions down below...


Saturday, April 14, 2007


I smell poo.

This is a little odd...but not really...I'm sitting here at my Mom's after work...and I smell of the dogs probably went in the hallway...they don't get walked enough. I'm afraid to look though. Maybe when Liston comes storming down the hallway in a bit I'll find out. His alarmclock has been going off ever since I got here...little over half an hour ago. He'll be getting up here eventually.

Had kind of a rough night at work. The paper had 3 inserts, which makes it too thick to run through the labeler so I had to hand label the mailbag papers with sticky labels. It takes sooooo long that way. My wrist aches a little now. So does my one foot, but that's from kicking a roll into place on the press. Jerry says I should have had Russel do that...but when I said something to Russel about it, he said that he wasn't any good at kicking them. Great...neither is Burgandy. Apparently I'm the 'manliest man' of them all!!! LOL!!! Scary thought. Maybe I'll ask Kirk if there is an easier way to get them into place.

I get to go in early tonight. Looking to be another rough night. We have ALL of the homelife section to put together and all of Bradford Sullivan Pennysaver. I hate the pennysavers...I really do. We do a bunch...Brad/Sully...Troy...Ithica...TriVillage...they're a nuisance. Well, at least it's a nuisance I get paid to have!! LOL!

OK...gonna go do some emails and then head on home to do some laundry. :D

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Worth It All

I have a problem with depression. It won't go away!!!!!!!!

There have been times in my life that have been extremely dark...pain that can't be understood by those around me...a loneliness that covers me like a cloak even when in a crowded room. What usually comes out of these times, is poetry. Sometimes they have a prophetic edge..when I know that the words that I write aren't my own, but they are what God is saying to me to encourage me.

Today I had a friend read some of the poems I have posted on my poetry site One of the things that she said was that three of the poems really touched her, they hit upon times in her past. She named them off..."I Can See You" "My Savior's Arms" and "One Woman Alone"...and all three of them were written in times like I just described above. I was so moved by this, that I teared right up and cried a little.

There is something almost comforting in knowing that something good came out of something that felt so bad. It made me feel a little less alone. Makes those times worth it. Perhaps there is a reason for those times of darkness after all. I wonder if I will ever know how many people benefit from my poems...maybe someday...

Sunday, April 08, 2007



Or if you prefer...Happy Ressurection Day!

Either way...remember Jesus...the price He paid and the victory He had over sin and death. And that He did it for YOU.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I've spent the past couple of days 'discussing' whether it is better to be married or single...with the wife of the gentlemen that told me he'd rather be married. She seems to think that it's better to be single. I have had to remind myself that she's never been single like I am single...that is, no spouse, no kids, living all alone. She has no point of reference. As angry as it's made's also amused the heck out of me!!! {{Although, since the two of them seem to have differing opinions, maybe they need to talk!!}}

It has been a really rough weak at work...machines not working right...editorial not getting the pages to us on time...machines not working right...Jim not calling the boss sooner...machines not working right...AHHHHH!!!!!

I've got two nights off and I don't know what I'm going to do besides church group tonight...but I'm going to enjoy not being there!!!!