Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red Sonja

I just realized that my character that I write on one of my other blogs, is a Red Sonja type. I honestly had no idea. Never heard of her until Koma made a crack about it in one of his posts over at Company Apprentice...and I just had to look it up to see what the heck he was talking about. It was an intersting read, to be sure. I even found a few good pics I could use too. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. It's not like she is Red Sonja...just happens to dress kind of like her and has red hair. The story line is completely different. Once this reality blog is over, I'll be able to get back to Ciera. I created a new character - "Lt. Hawk-Eyes" - and I have no idea how he really fits in yet. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing either...just gonna stretch my creativity a bit. Like this realiy blog thingy is. Sheesh, it's almost more stress than what it's worth. At least I'm not up for being fired this week, even though my team lost. I hope Koma doesn't get fired though - as much as his character antagonizes me, I don't want him to go yet. Bennett was right, this week was his best story telling ever.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Too seriously

I think I take my writing too seriously. Or myself.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to participate in "The Company Apprentice" - one of those blog reality show contest thingies. I was far too sensitive during the last one, and have been trying hard to write drivel so that I'm not attached to anything that might draw criticism. Bennett is a notoriously critical person when it comes to judging others, and so I must have been freaking nuts when I said yes.

Sometimes I am to damn sensitive for my own good. Who is Koma that I ought to be upset that he's calling my character Ciera a she-devil and banshee. All in good fun to keep people reading I suppose. But still, I know that character and she's not that way. At worst, on these reality blog show things, I tend to potray her as a flirt and such, but she-devil? That's almost as bad as Koma thinking I'm actually a guy pretending to be a girl online.

That and either this computer or facebook is giving me a hard time as well. Maybe I ought to just stick to Runescape.

But you know. Bennet's writer tells me not to take the criticism too harshly because he's overdoing it for the blog. That I can handle. Koma telling me to keep myself seperate from my character is harder --------- I get to be all that I can't be in real life through her. I have a freedom of expression on my Ciera blog. It's the same reason I like Runescpae ------- where else can I walk around carrying a black scimitar? I mean, really!! Where else can I fly around space, having all sorts of neat adventures???


I don't run into trouble until I try these reality thingies. Maybe I ought to just stick to my own blog.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am so blessed. Sometimes I have no idea. Right now, Justin and I have $2 to our name, I need girlie supplies, we need TP and food...but I have a man who is tenderhearted and I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me.

He trusts me enough to let me see his tears.

Justin's friend Mo was up for a week, and spent the entire time with us. It was wierd at first, since I didn't know Mo that well, but once the ice was broken things were fine. We chatted and played Runescape while Justin was at work and. The only glitch in it all was that I was ignored a lot when Justin was home. I took it well, after all this is his best friend and he never gets to see him, so I womaned up and let him have his fun time with his friend. After all, Mo was only going to be here for a week.

And he did go home today, Justin took him over there to his grandma's...spent too much time there given that he still had to come home and get sleep before he goes into work, but he was trying to get in every last minute. And so he comes home, and we lay down in bed...him to sleep, me to just be with him for a few minutes. And Justin says to me that he was sorry that he was ignoring me this week [Mo must have said something] and I just leaned in a kissed his cheek and said that it was ok and that I understood. And that's when I noticed he was leaking tears out his eyes. Once I made certain that it was just Mo leaving that was bothering him, I hugged him close, told him that I loved him and wiped the tears away as they fell.

I have to admit, I kind of miss Mo myself a little bit. Mo is a special young man and likable. He's a functioning Autistic and is a trip to talk to.

Still, I'm glad to have my man back to myself for a little while.

Speaking of which, I have to go make something for his lunch tonight and then wake him in about an hour.

ps ~ just spoke with J about it, Mo didn't say anything to him about J ignoring me...he realized it all on his own. Aww.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We'll see

Well...Todd claims he was trying to be witty. uh-huh...ok. We'll buy that for now, especially since he did apologize and suggest that we start over. Good idea. Don't trust him one bit, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ok. It's late and I'm going to bed.