Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Blogpost about the Earthquake

I imagine that I can't say anything new about today's earthquake on the eastern seaboard. I actually thought I was having some sort of high blood sugar hallucination, but I took my sugar and it was that high! Honest, even though I'd had 2 donuts! I was just sitting in my kitchen, talking on my cellphone with my mom and I all of a sudden said to her, "Why is my trailer shaking?" Of course, being almost 150miles north of my she didn't have an answer! She didn't feel it. But I did! The trailer shook just like my washing machine was spinning out unbalanced...and I could see the walls and floor shaking! I made the mistake of standing up, and felt dizzy and unsteady, just like I was drunk...which I've only ever been once, which I'll never forget and will valiantly try to never repeat! But that's what it felt like to me!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Day When I don't get to do what I want...

Well, here we are. It's another Saturday, and I'm not getting to do what I want. All I really wanted to do for the past two weekends all I've wanted to do is veg out in front of our computer and work on my one story. But life has intervened and I've had to do other things. Last weekend...I got wrangled into cleaning and chores...lol! This weekend Justin and I ... ok, mostly Justin ... are at his parents to use their internet connection to figure out why the white Xbox is not playing the games that he moved there correctly. Something to do with the system settings no doubt.

My birthday was ok, had a family reunion that day and everything was pleasant enough.

I shaved my head about 3 weeks ago, and have been loving the lighter cooler head. OF course, a lot of people think I'm whacked...or that I look like a cancer patient. I think it is sad that I live in a society in which a woman can't get a buzz cut for comfort without people having to make comments! Oh well!

got to go for now.