Thursday, November 06, 2008

Don't ever...

Don't ever go back to work early from sick leave. It's not worth it. Not even on light duty. I've had to do other people's jobs and rearrange my schedule. It's all back to normal next week, but the point it - what would they have done if I had stayed off like I wanted to?!?! I only went back to be nice because they lost two people while I was gone...the new guy messed up his drug test and Christina either quit or was fired.

That's probably the best news I have right now. Apparently she was written up twice in one night and she didn't think she should have been b/c "Everybody does it" so she cleaned out her locker and told co-workers that she was quitting. So when she came back on her next night, she was told that she couldn't come back to work without talking to Brian first. She talked to Brian and tried to convince him that Tempy was singling her out, but it didn't convince him and she hasn't been back. I haven't checked her MySpace recently, maybe later....she likes to put up loaded Status know complaining about the bitches she works with etc...well, if I'm a bitch, it's b/c I learned her free lessons too well.

Justin and I are still an item. His parents don't like me though. I suppose that's not all that uncommon, but since they haven't taken the time to get to know me at all, their quick judgment kind of hurts.

It's so warm here is PA that there is a dandelion blossoming in our driveway!

Ok, I'm tired and still have to go into work tonight.