Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Price

The price for having Thanksgiving day off at my job is: having to work the following Saturday. BOOOO!! At least we only worked 5.5 hours today. There is that much. Since we also have Monday off - we get an extra holiday a year and they give it to us on the first day of rifle hunting season, go fif. lol. But we'll probbly have to work next Saturday too because of that. Oh well, at least it'll look nice in the paycheck. Given the stress I was under today, tryig to catch all my product (damn knuckles anyway) and train my new hire...I am so ready not to go back on Tuesday. I wonder if Unemployment would except stress and insanity as a good reason to quit. Probably not.

Of coure, when it rains it pours. Justin had pulled the engine in our blue dodge when the engine in our green dodge decides to go! So now he's trying to get the blue one back together so he can work on the green one. The green one was a gift from his parents, a truck he's wanted since a teen. The engine shouldn't have went, since it hadn't been out of the garage that long. But I think it came with the problem, so no one can blaim my driving, or Justin's!

I apologize for any typoes I miss. I'm sitting in an awkward position, and I'm trying to type too fast. Justin also decided that now was a good time to do some remodeling in the trailer since it's basically ours now. He tore out an entire wall...2 connect 2 rooms. It'll be nice when we're's just getting there that will take forever!! In the mean time, my copmuter position is a pain in the tookus.

Such is life.

I get to see the doctor on Monday. I hope I can get more medicine from him. I think that anti-depressant was beginning to work, but since I couldn't see him the first time, I ran out and have to wait to see him. It wasn't doing a thorough job, I still woke up during the night, which is why he gave it to me in the first place. Maybe a higher dose. idk. we'll see.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving is having a happy one! Justin and I will be going to his remaining a little later today. It is usually a nice experience.

Missing family today. I remember several Thanksgiving meals growing up that were crowded. Junior and his fam would come, always Glenda. We have one picture of all ten of us kids gathered around our father. It is a treasured picture, as only one other picture like that exists.

Have a good day everyone, I just don't have anything else to write at the moment.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Alone at last.

My sister has been spending a few days with us because our truck has been down and since she rides to work with me, it's easier for her to catch a ride with my ride than finding one of her own.

And I was having a rough evening last night, and just wanted to be alone...but since she is here I really couldn't. And when Justin came home and turned on his X-box, well that ruled out the bedroom anyway.

But they are both gone ... he's gone up to the mountain to work on the truck, she's gone shopping with our mother. So I'm blogging and facebooking while doing laundry. I'm going to drag out the poem I started about my late brother and see if I can't get that posted later this weekend.

Of course, I will grow tired of the aloneness eventually and wish them back. Unless they come back before I'm ready! lol! Have a good weekend everyone.