Friday, May 23, 2008

Home Again, Home again

Well, it's about time! One of our cats has been missing the past couple days. He, Goldie, finally came home today. Silly cat.

The other cat, Smokie, had her litter the other day. Maybe that's why Goldie ran off? He didn't want the responsibility? LOL.

My blood tests finally came back. The only thing that was off was my blood sugar. It was a little high for the doctor. He wants to try controling it by diet before he puts me on meds. And I have to get repoked next week.

I have an interview Tuesday, right before my next Physical Therapy session. It's for a job uptown. I'm so excited. Even if I don't get it, she's willing to interview me! yay!

Off to watch tv and catch up on my shows.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's get physical...

...therapy I mean.

That's right. I have to go to physical therapy to recover from my falls back in Feb. Doc K didn't like the x-ray results so he sent me to the Pain Clinic up to RPH who prescribed the PT.

Twice a week Oye!

And the physical therapist I saw wasn't one bit happy with how stiff I am. He wondered how I was able to do anything at all. I told him: darvocet. I have to keep a constant stream of that stuff in me to be able to function and not be totally distracted by the hurting. Which totally sucks. It does make me a little happier though, so I don't mind when it doesn't cover all the pain. His poking and prodding stirred it all up and so it was a little rough at work last night. I had to do Tina's job, so Boss Jerry was there to do mine and even after I was done with Tina's job and could do my own, he stuck around and lent a helping hand. He even relieved me so I could have a lunch break! {why can't he do that more often??!?!?! lol!!}

Ok. I've got to ge to bed. I'll yak more later :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's a boy!

Yay! My sister had her baby just before 7AM. It's a boy, just like the ultrasound said it would be.

Early Labor sister is in the hospital again. Her bloodpressure went high again, but she is in the early stages of labor! Yay! They're giving her something to help encourage the labor, but if it doesn't kick in soon, they'll send her home. I ask you, does that really make any sense?

Last night was wretched at work. Boss Jerry was there, and that means he haunts my plateroom until the Sunday is done. At least A section, then he's not around as much for sports, unless they lallygag about it. I feel like he doesn't trust me to get the job done, but Tempy says that he just wants the paper to be done and over. Whatever. His presence doesn't make things go any faster. Unless those uptown know that he's there. Which they knew tonight.

But I've got Sunday and Monday nights off and I'm going to concentrate on my post for LGS3. It's got to be good. I don't want to submit something half par you know. And I've got three new Star Trek books to read. I got a deal on them too, b/c apparently I bought them during a sale on Yay! It's the Vulcan's Soul trilogy...and I've always had a thing for Vulcans, so I'm gonna have some fun reading!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Testing something:

Yahoo! Avatars


Hmm. I am taking part in a Blog "reality" contest over at Last Gladiator Standing III If nothing else, it'll keep me out of trouble...maybe!

In other less exciting news:
My x-rays came back yesterday. Or maybe it was Monday. Anyway. There was no evidence of new injury...but apparently there was evidence of an old one...!!!!! Well, to be honest, I'm not surprised. I mean, I have fallen on my backside a total of 6 times since October of I guess I can take my pick as to when it happened.

Still no baby. Sara was in the hospital over the weekend for high blood pressure, but I guess it was nothing out of the ordinary for a pregnancy. They just hospitialized her for observation. The Midwife said that her body wasn't any where near ready to give birth.

I got to see Kirk for a bit tonight. The hero who saved me from needing a jumpstart last week. :) And Tina timed my break just right, I was outside catching some fresh air when Kirk was leaving for the night. I wonder why he had to stay until 7pm? He was only scheduled until 5! Go fig. Anyways, he stopped just a moment to talk. That's always nice. I mean, he could have just waved and kept on walking. He was telling me he had to be back in at 7am. I wonder if he still likes DayShift? LOL!

Alright. Well, if I'm not posting as often, it's because I'm playing with some friends over at LGS. :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Xrays, dieting, earbuds, and other nonsense

Well, I had a doctors appointment earlier this week. He wouldn't give me a new prescription for darvocet, which is wise b/c one wouldn't want me to get addicted. It's kind of nice to know that he cares enough to have me come in. He had me twist and bend so that he could see where things started hurting...which, since I'd been off the meds since Saturday, it wasn't too much of a stretch before I had to say, "yup, it starts hurting right there." Sooooo, I get to have Xrays on my back. I've been trying for a couple of days to get to the hospital but it hasn't been happening...but it ought to happen later today. AND ~ I even get to have blood work to make sure that the darvocet isn't hurting my liver. While I hate needles, this is probably a good thing too. Blech.

Dieting. Sigh. Yeah. When I was at the doc's, I wieghed in at 295. :( That means I gained back almost all of the weight I had lost a few years ago. So...I'm thinking of trying that entire losing weight, taking better care of myself thing again. It's going to be hard b/c I don't want to take care of myself. I'd rather eat myself to death. I'm not stupid, I know exactly why I overeat...largely as an emotional compensation...I use food as a comfort item...when I'm hurting, depressed, etc...Even as a punishment. Maybe I ought to find someone to talk to about this a little more? lol!

Earbuds. Forget waterboarding...earbuds hurt! What was I thinking when I picked up a pair instead of normal headphones? Mine don't look exactly like this, but they're all the same in theory. For some reason the right one hurts matter how I angle it...and won't stay in as well as the left one does. Go fig. I just wanted to listen to music at work again...I can't play it on the computer [it might explode or something like that]. As long as I keep the volume down, I can listen to headphones. After all, God forbid I don't answer the phone every time it rings. Even if I'm not there.

Mom had her bladder "scoped" today. That made for a long day, since she had to be there before 11:30. Waited an hour for her to go back, at least another hour before they actually did the procedure, and then another hour afterwards for her to bounce back from the anethesia. Yeah, they knocked her out for it. I don't know what they learned, other than the walls of her bladder being inflamed [ouch!] and that her flaps don't close. Apparently the tubes from the kidneys have flaps where they meet the bladder, and Mom's flaps don't work...they don't close like they're suppose to, so when she empties her bladder some urine 'backwashes' to the kidneys. Explains why she has a constant urinary infection. It can be fixed, not sure how. The easiest procedure would be same day surgery...the other procedure would be more involved. Doc said they'd try the easiest first.

My still pregnant sister gave me a DVD set for the Sci-Fi mini-series Tin Man I must say that I rather like what they've done with the Wizard of Oz. Not perfect by any means, as the acting was a bit thin in some places...only a few places. Not going to name names. I LOVED Neal McDonough ~ he has the most amazing eyes...and as my sister and I agreed upon...his butt looked pretty good in the pants he was earing in the movie. His was one of my favorite was that of Glitch. I was surprised when I watched an interview with the actor Alan Cumming, that he has an accent! But then, so does Hugh Laurie from House...I got to see him the other night on the Late Late Show with Craig Fergouson.

Mother's Day is just around the corner. I guess we're eating out at a local restaurant. But I also just bought Mom $30 worth of plants...a couple hydrangea's, reblooming lilacs, strawberry plants, and 2 rhubard plants. And I got a good deal on it all. Lord know what I could have paid!

Ok, I'm done blathering on. Going to go work on a story.


Friday, May 02, 2008


Technically, I only worked 39.5 hours this week, putting me half an hour short. But Supervisor Rob said that I could go and if I was off any, he'd fix my timecard so I'd get a full 40. Which is only fair if you count all the extra "unpaid" minutes I have to punch out after a certain time to get paid the full half hour, usually about ten minutes until the next hour/half hour. And because I busted my butt for him tonight. Sunday Comics was preinserted last Sunday night, and we insert that prepack into TV Guide for another prepack...and it just wasn't running through the inserter last night. So he ran what he could, and two of us were handstuffing comics in while the rest was getting stacked for later. I know that the other two people were switching off and taking turns flying the inserter and hand stuffing...but, I handstuffed an entire cart to their half a cart....!!! What the heck???!!!???

Such is life I guess.

My sister Sara is due to have her baby any day now. Maybe today. They have to turn the baby later today, because even though he's dropped...he's face down and they're worried that if her water breaks, that the umbilical cord will get pinched. Which isn't good for the baby.

I managed to talk to my friend Carl yesterday. He's still willing to fix my car for me, but he has to find out what his new schedule for his new job is going to be. So...still waiting!

It must be nice to be the top boss...Jerry was only in for 5 minutes tonight. I'm ok with that. I've gotten so I like it better when he's not there anyway. He's not there to pace my plateroom floor in a feable attempt to get the pages there faster! AND---he'd trying to quit chewing tobacco again...and it was only his second day. So it's probably better that he just stay away from work for a while. He can be a real bear!! And that's when he'd ON his durg of choice!!! LOL!

ok. I've got to stop know. My wrist is aching from all that handstuffing and I still have an email to write. Y'all have a good day!