Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday, August 02, 2013

Going to the Chapel

Okay, so I'm not really going to the chapel. Just the local Justice of the Peace. Tomorrow afternoon my partner of almost five years and I are legally tying the knot and getting married.

I am: excited, nervous, flouting on cloud nine, and brain dead all at once. I can't believe that he's finally changed his mind about marriage, but I can see how happy he is now that he's decided to go ahead with it. I didn't even believe him until we bought the marriage license on Wednesday (Pennsylvania has a three day waiting period).

It all started Saturday after his great-grandmother's funeral. We stood around his parent's truck with his parents discussing marriage. Which for the past few years has been in his ballpark as I've been asking him on and off if he'd marry me LOL! And then on the way home conversation followed, not all of it happy. We may have sat in the same room for a few minutes and then I just went to the bedroom and watched TV for a while. Even our trip to TOPS later was really quiet. I mean, really really quiet. He didn't even say a word when I set a container of brownies in the cart, and he always has a comment for that kind of stuff.

Monday I went to work like usually, anxiously anticipating the end of the day as after that I was going to be on vacation for the rest of the week (YAY!) and for some reason I checked our bank account at lunch time. I saw he had bought stuff off eBay (he's always doing stuff like that, a little irritating) and I just figured it was truck parts. But I asked anyway…and he wouldn't tell me! So then I just figured that it was something for my birthday.

Well, I didn't want to wait until Wednesday, who would lol, so I started being cute and 'hounding' him a little. He wouldn't give. Until we were on our way out to dinner, our favorite Buffet, and he hands me his iPhone and says, "Alright, go to eBay." I tease him a little, but he insisted so I looked…he had purchased wedding bands!


"Are you serious?" I asked.


But he didn't officially ask me until Wednesday…because again I was teasing him that he hadn't actually asked yet and was just taking it for granted. And I still didn't really believe him until we purchased the wedding license! LOL! After living together for 4 years, why wait and fuss with a wedding I don't have time or patience for?

I'm just hoping he doesn't fuss to much over the picture taking! LOL