Thursday, February 28, 2008

I promise...

I promise you that I have not died. Although the other night, when my feet went out from under me, and I fell flat on my butt...after my head finished bouncing off the ramp...I lay there looking up at the sky, almost wishing I could. To be's the second time in three weeks I've fallen.

I finally got moved back on the took me until the 18th to get a room clean enough to lay my bed down flat so that I could sleep in it again instead of the stupid loveseat that's at least two feet too short for me. I still haven't gotten anything else moved in. I live with such procrastinators!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

It doesn't help that Liston and I argue over finances. He likes to eat the food that I buy though, so you'd think he wouldn't want to piss off the hand that feeds him. Once our "argument" was so intense that I ended up with a black eye. Dork anyways. It was a combination of things...I was short on sleep worrying over finances {hello...I'm supporting two other adults now} he started yelling, I swung to slap him to shut him up, he started swinging both hands. It's still tender where it was bruised.

Work is still it's delightful heartburn/headachy self. People need to get lives of their own. Two Saturday nights ago, Christina comes to me telling a tale about what a male co-worker allegedly said about me - that I follow him around like a puppy. Like an idiot, I believe her version and get all upset. I don't get to talk to Carl {the male in question} until after we're done work....what he says he said, and what Burgandy backs up, is "Once Kirk comes back, I'm going to lose a shadow." Which, I have no problem with...b/c he's right! Not that I don't consider Carl a friend, I do...and fun to flirt's just that with Kirk back on nightshift, my attention is ... shall we say ... distracted. And then - Tuesday I get back to work, thinking that eveyrthing is fine...and as I am walking through the office, quickly b/c I discovered Christina and Jerry having a conference, I am stopped and Christina asks me - "Saturday, did I tell you that what Carl said was that you had a fat ass?" WTF?!?!?!?! My reply was a resounding NO. Someone, I don't know who, told Jerry that was what she told wasn't wasn't wasn't Burgandy. Of the people there Saturday night...that would leave Tempy and Amanda. Why either of them would butt in I have no idea. Tempy is as bad at gossip as Christina though, so who knows. I think even the suggestion of someone saying that about me is mean.

ON a brighter note: Kirk is back from his six weeks on dayshift. Last Wednesday night we happened to be leaving at the same time...and as we were talking in the parking lot, he turned his head just right, and I landed a kiss on his cheek. He didn't seem to mind.

Ok, my tailbone is telling me I have sat here too long. I'll try to update more often since I've gotten a little more settled than what I was.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why do you blog?

I have resurrected my old Amazing Grace blog, although it's name is now Practice Makes Perfect. It is where I am planning to keep my journalistic attempts. I'm not sure how it is going to go. For my first "article", I'd like to discuss why people blog.

It really comes from my last interview with the editor where he expressed his displeasure over my lack of experience...I guess blogging doesn't count. While I am going to do some online research, I would also like to get your input, dear readers. If you would rather not be cited in my article, that's ok, just say so when you comment. But please, tell me: what kind of blog do you have {you know, personal journal, humourous, fictional, etc.}, and why do you do it? Also, for statistic sake, are you an adult?

I am getting ready to publish the 'article' I've written - does anyone else have anything to add?

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I hate moving.

Enough said.

More eventually.