Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A few things

I had a Pampered Chef Party at my home Sunday. Only ten of the thirty some people I invited showed up. Not that any of them even bothered to RSVP. I wonder how many letters a month Dear Abby gets on that subject. Regardless of whether you're coming or not you should call the host and them her know your answer!

Anyway. I did pretty well though. Got enough orders that I was able to get $90 worth of free products! Yay! I also got to order 2 items at half price. And got just enough orders to get a free apron as well! Very cool. The entire reason to do Party is the free stuff and the fun time. And good food.

The funniest part was the party was crashed by the census taker...but that was ok because she ended up given me an order!

I wish I could find a new job. I am getting so tired of the crap here. If it was just me and my perception, that would be on thing. But it's everybody. We all think the same thing about the same boss. But the higher ups won't even listen to our complaints. Don't know for sure what Jerry is holding over his boss, but it must be something juicy for such blindness. I still haven't forgiven Jerry for the time he refused to let me go to the bathroom when I asked. Next time I'll pee in the sink.

Justin's liking his new job ok. He likes the discounted burgers the most I think!

Two of our cats had kittens. Nooooo!!!! Too many!! Maybe we can get rid of them at the Pampered Chef consultants farm? I hope so!

I've started writing something new. Not sure where it's going yet. It feels good to be writing though. I hate looking at a blank screen or piece of paper and there's nothing there! So far so good.

Ok, that's all. Such as it is. Have a good day!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Life Changes

Life changes ... whether I want it to or not!

The biggest change I've had to make in my life recently was my diet. Not because I want to lose weight, although that's been a nice side effect. But because I had no choice. Not really.

On March 12, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Not the end of the world by any means, though it was still a shock to find this out. I really shouldn't have been surprised, both my parents were diabetic. But it still requires change because I don't want the complications I've seen my parents have.

So, I'm taking a natural OPC-3 suppliment - which I lovingly refer to as "Threepio" because all it is - is C3PO's name in a different order! I spent one whole week on a De-tox diet...which let me tell you is no fun at all! Vegetables and fruit...and that was it!!! But I've upgraded and can eat more things now. Chicken, Tuna, fish - I can have every day...Beef, pork twice a week...shrimp, oysters etc...twice a month! Still not eating stuff like bread...anything that has flour in it. I've dropped 20 pounds and 50 points in my blood sugar. I'm really feeling kind of good. Hungry alot, but good.

Another life change that I had little choice in, was Justin's switched jobs! He no longer works with me at the paper. He works at a meat processing facility now. He wasn't happy here, and so I didn't try to get him to stay very hard. Truth is, I'm not very happy here and I'm looking for a new job too. Though not at the same place...killing cows and processing them doesn't appeal to me. I've got a few aps and resumes out.

It's not even about the money for me, it's the lousy principles I've sen at work in this place recently. That we've all seen. One shouldn't have to be pretty and thin to be favored by the boss. Granted, he favors all women over the guys, which works in my favor...but not even that is right! What a pig! I should be favored because I work hard. Whatever.

I guess that's all for now. How's everyone doing?