Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I submitted a payment plan to the Housing Authority, to see if I can't stay where I am at...but I have yet to hear back from them.

It's hard to believe that rumors are just rumors when the Boyfriend lets the other woman flirt with him in front of me. And it's all at work, so it's not like I can just take her out back and beat the crap out of her. Maybe he honestly doesn't realize how it looks to me...willing to give him the benefit of the doubt...cuz I 'm a fool most likely! :) At least I'm a cute one!

Does he know how much it hurts me to see him joking around with her? Hello?! I'm the girlfriend...and since he's busy right now helping his cousin build onto his house, I think I deserve just a little bit of attention when we're all at work together. Like, HE needs to tell her her to back off and walk in the opposite direction when I'm trying to get him in a corner alone for a few minutes on our break time...although if she has any brains at all, she wouldn't need to be told!!!! hello?! If she's truly his "friend" she should respect the girlfriend a little bit more and back the f off. Of course, Jerry made a comment the other night about how kids her age are just stupid. {shrug}

I also am PMSing bad and really really really really want some chocolate...!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just when I thought life couldn't get any does.

It's not bad enough that I have to have another PAP smear just 6 months after the last one, which they do when somethings not quite right with the one you just's not bad enough that there's a nasty rumor going around at work that my new boyfriend is already cheating on's not bad enough that my car needs inspection next month and I know it needs's not bad enough that my body hurts, finger joints hurt, my hip's not bad enough that I've been having trouble breathing for a month..........I know it's not bad enough because I just got served with an eviction notice today. I knew I was behind in rent, but I didn't realize I was that behind! I need $408 by the end of the month to stop it, or it's 'Pack your bags, babe"...I wonder if God would give me a miracle I don't deserve? Please, all of you who pray, please pray for me.