Friday, April 15, 2011



Where to begin?

I guess at the beginning.

On March 23rd we had a snow storm here, and Justin and I were involved in a car accident on the way into work. We were ok, although the passenger of the other vehicle went to the hospital...a pain in her shoulder, though it might have just been an old injury that was aggravated. Anyway, our truck was stuck, the road ahead of us closed because of another accident so we didn't make it to work. Work wouldn't forgive the "point" for being absent and since Justin was maxed out on points, he lost his job.

Things have not been easy. He hasn't found another job yet, though he hasn't been looking all that hard. We won't find out for a few more weeks whether he'll be approved for Unemployment...they have to figure out if it was a just firing or not. It wasn't, especially since it was a reportable accident. He wasn't told until the day AFTER that if he'd gone to the hospital to be checked out that the point wouldn have been forgiven.

We're still frightening behind in rent and I'm terrified that we'll be evicted. We've been out of heating/cooking fuel since the weekend after the accident. He doesn't want me to apply for help, from the assistance office, but I did anyway. Not sure what I'll do when he finds out. Damn his pride.

The fine from the accident is $110.

To top that off, we were coming back from my mom's one Friday night and he decides to turn the headlights off going through town. !!! I know the street lights are bright, but you still don't do shit like that! Especially when you know that your truck isn't inspected! Duh! So from that we have 3 new fines...$75 for the headlights, $75 for the registration not being good (Oops! I missed that one, my fault) and $113 for the inspection being past due.

I'm very tired.