Saturday, January 05, 2013

Slow Weekend

I hate feeling poorly on the weekends.  I mean, finally! It's a day I don't have to be up before the sun, I can snuggle in bed with my honey, putter around the house at my own speed and do whatever I want!  And all I want to do is lounge in bed, because I feel blah.

I was reading about the payroll taxes going up 2% earlier today and I realized that if we get a 2% cost of living raise in June like we did last year...I'll only go back to bringing home what I was last year.  Unless the company is doing well and we get a 3% raise like the year before.  But since we barely hit 33 hours this past week (8 of which were holiday pay) it's not looking good.  Maybe it'll turn around though, it has before.

At least with 33 hours next paycheck will be better than this last one.  Because bad weather made travel difficult...and my ride chickened out, and my backup plan failed, I missed one day Christmas week that resulted in me losing 3 days pay.  I lost holiday pay for Christmas and the day after, and the day I missed.  So my paycheck was only $70.  :(  Spent already, on groceries...didn't even get everything we wanted.  I knew it was going to be lean, so I'll just have to suck it up. I'm still kinda peeved about the whole thing, because there really should have been a delayed start to work that day.  Cargill did it for hurricane Sandy when she came through, but apparently snow isn't that big of a deal!  Right.  Oh well.

I see my OBGYN on Wednesday and am trying not to be nervous about it.  I'm afraid I'm in for a surgery, to remove the fibroid tumor...and as much as I want it taken care of, I don't want surgery as I dream coming out of it.  I"m not sure why that bothers me, but it does.

My Aunt's surgery that was scheduled for Tuesday has been postponed.  They did an MRI on her Friday and they found 'something else' other than the one lump.  So now she has to have another biopsy before she can have surgery.  She doesn't even know what they found.

Life goes on.


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A day late

So here I am a day late to say, "Happy New Year!"

Didn't do much for New Years Eve...had a glass of wine at a friend's house and was in bed by 9:30 and was out before 10:30!  How time has changed me!  I used to have no problem staying up that late...ever!  I used to work nightshift for crying out loud!

Ah well.  Hopefully this year will have more good than bad, though one never knows.  I've had an aunt diagnosed with breast cancer, allegedly a non-hereditary version (I've never heard of that).  My brother Duane is to have his gallbladder out, and was served divorce papers just before Christmas (nice...not).  And I've been diagnosed with multiple ovarian cysts and a fibroid tumor...nothing to worry about I've been told, but that doesn't stop the stray thoughts of worry that cross my mind every once in a while!  I see an OBGYN next week to discuss my options.  Oh yay.

But things could be worse, so I can't complain too much!

ttyl ppls