Friday, July 28, 2006

Gone Postal

Can newspaper people "go postal"? After the other night, I almost think so.

We had another employee just clock out and walk off ~ ~ either she "wasn't feeling good" or someone pissed her off. We were already short before she left!!! The other guy that was working was getting a little short tempered with her ~ ~ not sure if she is really as dense as she seems to be or if it is all just an act. She "gets it" as long as the boss is standing nearby to see her. Very frustrating.

Supervisor tried calling my Boyfriend in, but the line was busy so he called Chris, the nicest bitch I've ever worked with. Which is ok, because she's a very good worker. Needs to work on her attitude a little bit, but don't we all? But Gloria will probably get away with walking away like the other girl did. Especially if she tries saying Jim was "mean" to her. Puh-leeeeeze!!!

And then one of the carriers who also takes postal pissed because we were running late and one of her bundles broke before it ever got into the car.....and threw it at me. So what do I do...but pick it up and go back into the building in tears. Well, it had been a really long night, and was getting longer by the minute.


Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos said...

Hi Ciera!
I will definitely be praying for the interview. Is it still time?

Oh, here from Michele!

Foster Dogs said...


Here via Michele's.

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Threw it at you?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's all go where you are, isn't it? I#'ve never heard the phrase 'Going Postal' before. Sorry that her throwing it at you upset you.

Paige said...

Goodness. Glad you are back {sorta back} Just try to do the job you were hired to do, to the best of your ability. Bad moods rub off sometimes.
It'll be ok