Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why do you blog?

I have resurrected my old Amazing Grace blog, although it's name is now Practice Makes Perfect. It is where I am planning to keep my journalistic attempts. I'm not sure how it is going to go. For my first "article", I'd like to discuss why people blog.

It really comes from my last interview with the editor where he expressed his displeasure over my lack of experience...I guess blogging doesn't count. While I am going to do some online research, I would also like to get your input, dear readers. If you would rather not be cited in my article, that's ok, just say so when you comment. But please, tell me: what kind of blog do you have {you know, personal journal, humourous, fictional, etc.}, and why do you do it? Also, for statistic sake, are you an adult?

I am getting ready to publish the 'article' I've written - does anyone else have anything to add?


PI said...

I think i can safely say I am an adult - in years anyway. It is almost two years since I started Past Imperfect at the instigation of my elder son. He realised that as a result of my husband's health our travelling would be greatly curtailed and blogging would keep me out of mischief.
After months of commenting on other blogs I was persuaded to start one of my own - maybe to get me out of their comment boxes.
I started what I suppose is my autobiography and have been fortunate in collecting faithful and encouraging readers. Now I do three posts a week - one of which is the story and the other two whatever takes my fancy.
My reward is some real friends, productive feed back and endless encouragement which makes me resolve to make a book of the story - if I live long enough.
I hope this is helpful. I'm glad Michele sent me:)

Bob-kat said...

Michele sent me to give you my thoughts, so for what it's worth here they are:

I started to blog about the same time my marriage was going seriously awry. I had been through some tough times already with surgery and another illness. I don't know whay I started to blog really as I have rarely written about my separation or divorce, I think I needed somewhere where these things weren't if you know what I mean. I mostly post about niff naff and trivia that I come across in every day life, days out, and some other things that are going on. It has also become a place to share my photos and I am lucky enought to have several loyal readers now.

Hope this helps.

Ciera said...

2 great comments so far. Thanks you 2! :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well you know a lot about me already, Ciera!

As you know I started my blog in April 2005. Which subject was always a tricky one. I decided to pick something I know about!

Ciera said...

which part of that would you like me to quote Jean-Luc?

Fluke Starbucker said...

My blog is more of an online diary than anything else.