Monday, July 14, 2008

What A Week

Mom came home Friday afternoon...with a catheter still in her. Apparently, her arthritis medication has been causing her kidney's to swell and has been the source of her problems. Took them long enough to figure this out. I think they're also going to test her thyroid. That's a family problem, her sister has problems with her's and she said that sometimes that comes with urinary/bladder problems. I have no idea how long she'll need the catheter.

My brother who had the milktruck accident 6? years ago has broken his bad leg again...the leg never healed as strong as it should have, and he keeps breaking it near the knee. He's joked about just having them take it off, but I don't know whether that will be something that will happen or not.

My other brother admitted to me the night before Mom came home that the reason why he treats me like shit is because he's sexually attracted to me. ????????????? Somehow apparently it's my fault and so that justifies his treatment of me I guess. I have run the entire gamut of emotions over this...shock, disbelief, disgust, depression, anger...blah blah blah...I just don't know about this. Somethings a family just can't shake and apparently along with alcoholism, inapproriate sexual attractions is one of my family's...Oh joy...I encouraged him to get counseling, whether he will, I don't know. I think it would be best for him if he were to move out - after all he is 24, and since I'm the one that's been volunteered to be Mom's caretaker....although I have begun seriously to think about moving back out regardless...

Of course, if I do that...I'll be labeled as selfish and uncaring for my mother. I can almost bet on that. I might be wrong on that...I'd love to be wrong on that. But unfortunately, my family lives by that damned code of silence that goes with this kind of crap.

I almost had a date Sunday. Well, I did have a date, but I broke it. I met a guy that I thought I might like to get to know better, aside from being kind of cute, he did look like he might be a gently when he called and aasked if I wanted to go out, I said sure...and then the conversation got interesting. I was asked to spend the night, whether I wore pj's to bed and whether I liked to watch dirty movies or not. Huh? We're only going on a date...not getting married. Sheesh. I'll probably be accused by mutual friends that my standards are too high...but oh well - I'm just not that lonely yet!

I'll try to get back to my story and my alter ego soon...but my what a long week it's been...I'm going to bed...{by myself!}

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It has been a tough week for you, and no mistake. So many different things to sort out. You date sounds like the kind of date all women dread getting.