Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Not-So-Exciting Times...

Ok, not much is going on here. I'm almost back to my normal sleeping schedule...back to being a nightshifter. I still sleep a good bit, though I think I'm almost caught up. I still don't do a whole lot because those staples in my stomach are still there and it really kind of hurts to bump them.

The gang at work got me a card. I went in to pick up a school candy order tonight and picked it up. Almost everybody signed it...even a few of the characters on dayshift signed it! Awww...I feel loooooved! Well, sort of. LOL! Really, I thought it was nice of everyone. And BOO on those who didn't sign!

There is a good chance the one isn't there anymore! Christina was written up twice - one for looking at other people's time cards [hello - if she wasn't punching them in or out for lunch, she had no business looking at tehm!] and one for goofing off during the Daily. Uhm - nothing wrong with goofing just don't make a habit of it during the Daily...especially when you have a dayshift supervisor on nightshift...especially one that doesn't get around good and mostly sits in the office to keep an eye on things!!! Duh! Well, she apparently was so pissed off about that - that she cleaned her locker out, and tore down her pictures [are we in highschool?] and told a couple co-workers that she was quitting. She has to talk to the Big Boss before she can come back. I wonder what the odds are that she'll manage to sweettalk herself back into her job? Make everyone else out to be the bad guy. Just like Paige, she's really good at that.

I can't even type right, probably those bummed up nerves in my hand. Darn it! It'd better not be's my writing hand! All right, I'm done for now.


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Jean-Luc Picard said...

While you're recuperating, it seems like things are going on as normal at your work! Christina causing problems, getting into trouble etc. Some things never change!