Monday, May 04, 2009

Never a dull moment

At least there hasn't been in the past couple of weeks, though my boyfriend probably wouldn't agree.

I went away for Easter to my aunts, and I left my vehicle at home and drove mom's since I was technically taking her up there. On Sunday, I was at my aunt's alone because Mom wanted somene to stay with the 2 dogs so they didn't go all seperation anxiety on us. I texted my boyfriend, not thinking that he was even up yet. He called me shortly after that, telling me how he was borrowing the truck and how my brother had freaked out because he thought someone was stealing the truck. I have no problem with Justin borrowing the truck, although I would like him to get his license taken care of - but that's another story.

I come home Monday, Justin picks me up - telling Mom and me how he's probably going to be in big trouble with his parents because he didn't go home at all Monday morning after work [we're both nightshifters]. We figure he's right, and he and I go to work. I drop him off at his home after work, and take my self home.

The next day, as I'm driving my Mom to her doctors appointment up to Packer my cell phone rings with Justin's ringtone. I answer it [bad girl!] and Justin's saying "You have to get over here now." Uhm.....can't! He even repeated it after I had explained to him that I was taking mom to the hospital and just couldn't. I repeated my answer. That might have been for the benefit of his strict parents because he later told me that at one point I was on speaker phone. I was expecting to be late for work so I couldn't even go over there after we were done. He couldn't even tell me what was going on.

So, later that night at work I learn that because Justin didn't come home...he was being kicked out. Ooookay. I don't think that his parents realize that at 22 he doesn't have to do as they say. While I agree with "my roof my rules" but they have a tendancy to take it to the extreme [like we had to have their permission to go out on a date]. So, he had until Saturday to get his stuff out of their home.

Guess where he's living!

It's no big deal, we we had just been accepted to rent to own a trailor in a local trailor park so we knew we were going to be living together soon anyway. Of course, living with me is a "big mistake" according to his parents. Well, we haven't killed each other yet. I think Mom's thought about it a couple of times.

Regardless, it's our mistake to make. And I don't think it is. My continuing to hope that his parents and I can ever have a civil conversation without one of them yelling and both of them being patronizing is a mistake. It just ain't gonna happen.

More another day...I have to go to work.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck with it all, Ciera. As you say, there never seems a dull moment. His parents will never like you, it seems.