Sunday, July 19, 2009

Too seriously

I think I take my writing too seriously. Or myself.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to participate in "The Company Apprentice" - one of those blog reality show contest thingies. I was far too sensitive during the last one, and have been trying hard to write drivel so that I'm not attached to anything that might draw criticism. Bennett is a notoriously critical person when it comes to judging others, and so I must have been freaking nuts when I said yes.

Sometimes I am to damn sensitive for my own good. Who is Koma that I ought to be upset that he's calling my character Ciera a she-devil and banshee. All in good fun to keep people reading I suppose. But still, I know that character and she's not that way. At worst, on these reality blog show things, I tend to potray her as a flirt and such, but she-devil? That's almost as bad as Koma thinking I'm actually a guy pretending to be a girl online.

That and either this computer or facebook is giving me a hard time as well. Maybe I ought to just stick to Runescape.

But you know. Bennet's writer tells me not to take the criticism too harshly because he's overdoing it for the blog. That I can handle. Koma telling me to keep myself seperate from my character is harder --------- I get to be all that I can't be in real life through her. I have a freedom of expression on my Ciera blog. It's the same reason I like Runescpae ------- where else can I walk around carrying a black scimitar? I mean, really!! Where else can I fly around space, having all sorts of neat adventures???


I don't run into trouble until I try these reality thingies. Maybe I ought to just stick to my own blog.