Saturday, November 19, 2011


Alone at last.

My sister has been spending a few days with us because our truck has been down and since she rides to work with me, it's easier for her to catch a ride with my ride than finding one of her own.

And I was having a rough evening last night, and just wanted to be alone...but since she is here I really couldn't. And when Justin came home and turned on his X-box, well that ruled out the bedroom anyway.

But they are both gone ... he's gone up to the mountain to work on the truck, she's gone shopping with our mother. So I'm blogging and facebooking while doing laundry. I'm going to drag out the poem I started about my late brother and see if I can't get that posted later this weekend.

Of course, I will grow tired of the aloneness eventually and wish them back. Unless they come back before I'm ready! lol! Have a good weekend everyone.

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