Friday, September 21, 2012

Caught Up?

Oh my!  A two day weekend!  We haven't had one of those since Labor Day weekend...which was supposed to be a three day weekend, but of course we had to work on Saturday.  But not this weekend!  We're free!  Caught up enough on the cows that have been killed.  Wonder how long it will last.  I did NOT mind the PAY...the overtime rocked!  I am going to miss that part.  But not the actual hours!  lol!

I've got a wedding to go to tomorrow, so it is a blessing that we have it off.  My cousin Kathy's son is getting married, which for that branch of the family is usually a once in a lifetime deal.  I haven't met the bride yet, but that's ok.  I'll meet her tomorrow.

It's sad when your cellphone works better and faster than your computer!  lol!  Oh well. this is better than nothing!  Off to write in my dragon story.

ttyl :)

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