Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not Much

Not much going on today. I got my "real" bus monitor today at the start of the noon run. SO far we're doing ok...she only had them singing once and it was a quiet song {Itsy Bitsy Spider} so that was extra ok.

Had an ok night at church last night. Rededicated myself to the Lord. I've been slipping something terrible lately. Humans are prone to wander, as I know from past experience. And besides, Chip Ingram was talking about just that thing today.

I have to go see if I can't post that survey thing I saw at Daydreamer's just the other day.


flu said...


Well, I guess I didn't comment here earlier...


Heather Smith said...

I think constant rededication is part of the Christian life. If we ever get to a point that we think we're fine, that's when we should worry. After all pride goes before a fall.