Monday, February 27, 2006

House Fire

Town had a fire yesterday. We hadn't been out of church for very long, maybe an hour or so, and I was at my friend Paigey's house when the fire siren up town went off. Always hate the sound of that. Shortly, we heard the sirens of the fire trucks....turning up her street. So being normal citizens that we are, we rush outdoors to see what's going on...we see the fire trucks and all that sitting up at the the time we had gotten across the street...we could see the smoke. It took them hours to get it put out. Everyone was ok, and they got most of the animals out...not sure about one dog :( There's not much left...the back side and straight up through the middle are gone.


Shelley said...

That is so scary, every time we hear the sirens we go gawking out the window...partly out of curiousity, partly of fear, and of concern. It's always scarier when it is close to home.

flu said...

Last time a was close enough to one to see smoke, it was billowing out of an popping electric box right across the street from where I was. I went over and gave the home owner my extinguisher, showed him where to point it, how to trigger it and then I called the fire dept to come out. The home owner kept it at bay with the extinguisher until they got there. Oddly... he didn't give me a 'thanks' or offer to replace my extinguisher... but I'd do it again without hesitation, though.

Daydream believer said...

You know how I feel about that. Pray for them.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

How awful. I hope there were no casualties anywhere, and that the homeless are sorted out.

Ciera said...

Shelley - good thing we can gawk and pray at the same time.

Fluke - Good, especially that you'd do it again even without a thanks.

Daydreamer - absolutely

Jean-Luc - fam's ok, 3 firemen hurt :( don't know about the animals :(