Saturday, February 17, 2007

Still Without A Car

But hopefully it won't be much longer before I have it back. Hopefully! All that was left on Tuesday was the replacement headlight housing unit, which hadn't come in yet. Wonder if it made it through the foot of snow we got?! It's two toned now...the hood and fender are a deeper shade of blue now! It's even had an oil change! It probably is wishing I had hit the deer sooner!

Tired of being stranded at Mom's. Though I know she loves me and loves the company. She doesn't have to work until next Wednesday, so she's letting me take the van home this weekend---so I get to run around my apartment naked! and sleep in my own bed!!! Wonder if I'll get to keep it until Wednesday?

I'm off for now.

ps - I'm on a roll with my Trek story cuz I put up another. This one will have to hold you a little longer Jean-Luc :)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Certain parts of that post are making me smile!

Ciera said...

of that I have no doubt

Daydream believer said...

Just stopped in to say Hi. "Hi" *hug*

Ciera said...

HI Daydreamer!!! :D