Saturday, April 14, 2007


I smell poo.

This is a little odd...but not really...I'm sitting here at my Mom's after work...and I smell of the dogs probably went in the hallway...they don't get walked enough. I'm afraid to look though. Maybe when Liston comes storming down the hallway in a bit I'll find out. His alarmclock has been going off ever since I got here...little over half an hour ago. He'll be getting up here eventually.

Had kind of a rough night at work. The paper had 3 inserts, which makes it too thick to run through the labeler so I had to hand label the mailbag papers with sticky labels. It takes sooooo long that way. My wrist aches a little now. So does my one foot, but that's from kicking a roll into place on the press. Jerry says I should have had Russel do that...but when I said something to Russel about it, he said that he wasn't any good at kicking them. Great...neither is Burgandy. Apparently I'm the 'manliest man' of them all!!! LOL!!! Scary thought. Maybe I'll ask Kirk if there is an easier way to get them into place.

I get to go in early tonight. Looking to be another rough night. We have ALL of the homelife section to put together and all of Bradford Sullivan Pennysaver. I hate the pennysavers...I really do. We do a bunch...Brad/Sully...Troy...Ithica...TriVillage...they're a nuisance. Well, at least it's a nuisance I get paid to have!! LOL!

OK...gonna go do some emails and then head on home to do some laundry. :D


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Saturday night will always be tough for putting a paper together.

Cliff said...

OK, I'm curious. I mean, I really want to know. Did Liston step into the poo when he came storming out of the room?

Ciera said...

he never said a word, so I'm guessing not...but the nest night when I came didn't smell anymore {shrug}