Friday, May 02, 2008


Technically, I only worked 39.5 hours this week, putting me half an hour short. But Supervisor Rob said that I could go and if I was off any, he'd fix my timecard so I'd get a full 40. Which is only fair if you count all the extra "unpaid" minutes I have to punch out after a certain time to get paid the full half hour, usually about ten minutes until the next hour/half hour. And because I busted my butt for him tonight. Sunday Comics was preinserted last Sunday night, and we insert that prepack into TV Guide for another prepack...and it just wasn't running through the inserter last night. So he ran what he could, and two of us were handstuffing comics in while the rest was getting stacked for later. I know that the other two people were switching off and taking turns flying the inserter and hand stuffing...but, I handstuffed an entire cart to their half a cart....!!! What the heck???!!!???

Such is life I guess.

My sister Sara is due to have her baby any day now. Maybe today. They have to turn the baby later today, because even though he's dropped...he's face down and they're worried that if her water breaks, that the umbilical cord will get pinched. Which isn't good for the baby.

I managed to talk to my friend Carl yesterday. He's still willing to fix my car for me, but he has to find out what his new schedule for his new job is going to be. So...still waiting!

It must be nice to be the top boss...Jerry was only in for 5 minutes tonight. I'm ok with that. I've gotten so I like it better when he's not there anyway. He's not there to pace my plateroom floor in a feable attempt to get the pages there faster! AND---he'd trying to quit chewing tobacco again...and it was only his second day. So it's probably better that he just stay away from work for a while. He can be a real bear!! And that's when he'd ON his durg of choice!!! LOL!

ok. I've got to stop know. My wrist is aching from all that handstuffing and I still have an email to write. Y'all have a good day!


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Jean-Luc Picard said...

If we have any time off, they make us work over on other days!