Friday, May 09, 2008

Xrays, dieting, earbuds, and other nonsense

Well, I had a doctors appointment earlier this week. He wouldn't give me a new prescription for darvocet, which is wise b/c one wouldn't want me to get addicted. It's kind of nice to know that he cares enough to have me come in. He had me twist and bend so that he could see where things started hurting...which, since I'd been off the meds since Saturday, it wasn't too much of a stretch before I had to say, "yup, it starts hurting right there." Sooooo, I get to have Xrays on my back. I've been trying for a couple of days to get to the hospital but it hasn't been happening...but it ought to happen later today. AND ~ I even get to have blood work to make sure that the darvocet isn't hurting my liver. While I hate needles, this is probably a good thing too. Blech.

Dieting. Sigh. Yeah. When I was at the doc's, I wieghed in at 295. :( That means I gained back almost all of the weight I had lost a few years ago. So...I'm thinking of trying that entire losing weight, taking better care of myself thing again. It's going to be hard b/c I don't want to take care of myself. I'd rather eat myself to death. I'm not stupid, I know exactly why I overeat...largely as an emotional compensation...I use food as a comfort item...when I'm hurting, depressed, etc...Even as a punishment. Maybe I ought to find someone to talk to about this a little more? lol!

Earbuds. Forget waterboarding...earbuds hurt! What was I thinking when I picked up a pair instead of normal headphones? Mine don't look exactly like this, but they're all the same in theory. For some reason the right one hurts matter how I angle it...and won't stay in as well as the left one does. Go fig. I just wanted to listen to music at work again...I can't play it on the computer [it might explode or something like that]. As long as I keep the volume down, I can listen to headphones. After all, God forbid I don't answer the phone every time it rings. Even if I'm not there.

Mom had her bladder "scoped" today. That made for a long day, since she had to be there before 11:30. Waited an hour for her to go back, at least another hour before they actually did the procedure, and then another hour afterwards for her to bounce back from the anethesia. Yeah, they knocked her out for it. I don't know what they learned, other than the walls of her bladder being inflamed [ouch!] and that her flaps don't close. Apparently the tubes from the kidneys have flaps where they meet the bladder, and Mom's flaps don't work...they don't close like they're suppose to, so when she empties her bladder some urine 'backwashes' to the kidneys. Explains why she has a constant urinary infection. It can be fixed, not sure how. The easiest procedure would be same day surgery...the other procedure would be more involved. Doc said they'd try the easiest first.

My still pregnant sister gave me a DVD set for the Sci-Fi mini-series Tin Man I must say that I rather like what they've done with the Wizard of Oz. Not perfect by any means, as the acting was a bit thin in some places...only a few places. Not going to name names. I LOVED Neal McDonough ~ he has the most amazing eyes...and as my sister and I agreed upon...his butt looked pretty good in the pants he was earing in the movie. His was one of my favorite was that of Glitch. I was surprised when I watched an interview with the actor Alan Cumming, that he has an accent! But then, so does Hugh Laurie from House...I got to see him the other night on the Late Late Show with Craig Fergouson.

Mother's Day is just around the corner. I guess we're eating out at a local restaurant. But I also just bought Mom $30 worth of plants...a couple hydrangea's, reblooming lilacs, strawberry plants, and 2 rhubard plants. And I got a good deal on it all. Lord know what I could have paid!

Ok, I'm done blathering on. Going to go work on a story.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good review, as well as what happened medically.

Nepharia said...

Yes, I hate those types of ear buds as well. I bought some called "Marshmallow" that insert into the ears and are soft so they don't hurt my ears. You might try looking for them next time you are at the electronics store. Mine only cost about $15, they they are well worth the investment.