Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I need a break ~

I need a break from life. I hope that doesn't sounds too depressive. I'm tired of going to work and then coming home and going to sleep, generally after working on one blog post or another. Sleeping on my days off and donig laundry or some other dumb chore.

I just want to have some fun, if even for a day or two. I have to wait until September for the Glen trip that the girls were talking about Sunday morning. Far more tame that what Christina was planning for NYCity...but then - oh wait - she's not even invited on this trip! Or the one next year to Tennessee. That'll be cool. Christina isn't invited on that trip either.

LGS3 has been trying my talents as a writer. I do tend to rattle on when writing. But then, the last challenge was about the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek 2, which is basically a battle scene, and I've never been very good at writing those. Bennett says I need to tighten my delivery, but that my post have been generally entertaining. Kind of encouraging.

On another odd note: I've never been so happy at a guy not calling me. The other morning after work, I left a note for Kirk. Just saying that I was thinking of visiting him that night and that if he wasn't going to be home, or just didn't want me to come [I believe I mentioned something about stealing another kiss] to give me a call after he got off work so that I didn't waste any gas. And he didn't call! Either he didn't mind, or he didn't get the note that day. Until I find out other wise, I'm gonna believe the first! The only crappy thing about it is - I never got there. The van had a flat tire! :( I'm almost thankful that I had forgotten about the church thing Mom and I had talked about, b/c then she would have been with me and wouldn't that have been a complication! Especially since it was like, 90 degrees out. Hardly pleasant walking weather.

One last thing. Mom came out of her surgery ok, but it wasn't 100% effective so she'll have to have a second one done. :(

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think LGS3 must enhance writing abilities, Ciera.

Sorry to hear your mother needs another op.