Thursday, December 30, 2010

Points and jobs...

So, we called in to work today...again! This makes about 12 1/2 points for Justin and 11 for me. When we hit 15 we're terminated. I'm a little worried about Justin. I have another job all lined up, though I won't give notice until I'm sure I'm signed on. I don't know why Justin is calling off though...I call if he does, because I don't trust him alone with the puppy Jacalyn...he has a tendancy to not be in control of himself when he gets mad or frustrated...and the last time I left them alone, for an hour and a half, they somehow managed to get doggy poo on our ceiling!!! He still won't tell me how that happened, though I know it had something to do with walking her on the treadmill. Which she doesn't like. !!!! An hour and a half! What would I come home to if I left them alone all day???

I'm going to go work for Caregivers of America. It'll be home health kind of stuff. A little over a dollar pay drop, but it won't be refrigerator temps...and his family won't be there! It's been a little intimidating working with so many of his relatives. Both parents, an aunt and uncle, some cousins {they're ok}. I might stay with Caregivers even if I do end up working for Adecco. I don't know yet.

A lot of that will depend on what the test at the doctors says today. A lot will have to change if it comes up positive. My period is 2 weeks late, so unless it "reset" itself, I don't see it coming up negative. A little nerve wracking. I'll let you all know.

Have a good day everyone.

This is Jacalyn trying to sleep on top of Justin, no doubt she's wondering why I'm bothering her by taking a pic...I think Justin was trying to sleep too, but he might have just been hiding! lol!

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

A good job you have trhat new job lined up. As they take points, it looks like they already have you out of the door.