Saturday, December 04, 2010


How do you explain to someone who doesn't write where the ideas come from? I really don't know. They just pop into my head I guess. Especially poems. A line will start circulating in my head, "behind dead eyes" for example...and when I start to concentrate on it, hopefully on paper so I don't forget it and lose it...the rest just flows. There are some days I struggle for that next line, sometimes months and years. But where I am at right now, not so much.

I'll admit, sometimes my short stories come from dreams I've had. My entire novel was based on a dream I had where I was having an affair with a store owner and was kidnapped. LOL! Obviously once I started thinking about it and fictionalizing it, it became something else entirely. My two Star Trek fan fics were based on dreams I where the praise and worship band from my old church was playing on the Enterprise (hilarious) and another where Deanna Troi was key in bringing down the Borg because she was assimilated...I don't remember the details much anymore, because the story they birthed took over.

If I can catch up to myself, I might try to write another short story from a dream I had not that long ago. I dreamt I was on a space mission of some kind, suspended between earth and the moon...when this ship of aliens swoop in and kidnap me thinking that I'm the answer to one of their prophecies...I could not convince them that they had the wrong girl!!

IDK...I guess I just have an overactive imagination! sometimes on hyperdrive! lol!

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

What we dream about can bring a wealth of good ideas.