Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Suit For The Interview

This is the suit I will be wearing Tuesday morning for my latest interview...this one for the reporter trainee postition...!!!!!! Is that exciting or what?!?!

This particular picture was taken Easter Sunday, in the "big hole" of the stream that runs near my Mom's house. It's not too bad of a picture. The camera should have been closer to me, or me to it, but it's still a good pic. Live and learn, in photography as in all other aspects of life.

All who pray, please keep me and my interview in mind. I'm a good bit nervous, as my self-confidence is still shot from some of the recent things that have occured at church...all my friends seem to think I'll get the job though. I'll be tired that morning as I will have worked the night before in the mailroom...although, it could also be called the "male"room as mostly guys work there. It's been...interesting...!!!

One thing I don't like about working nights is that I miss picnics and parties...there was one this afternoon but I have to get some sleep before tonight...and there's one tomorrow after church, and again, I'll have to go home and get some sleep. Sigh. But in a strange's worth it. Because it's only for a time.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a great suit and picture, Ciera. Naturally, as I've told you personally, I'll be supporting you all the way when you go for that interview!

Cliff said...

Yeah, that's a great suit. I noticed that it's black.

Ciera said...

Jean-Luc: :) I know. I thought of you in the middle of the interview thinking of me.

Cliff: yeah, it's black...your point is?

Interview went ok...don't have the job yet...but I might end up with it yet.

M. C. Pearson said...

I hope you got it!

Dave works nights, another thing we have in common. His timetable is always screwed up when he is off.

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Jules said...

Ciera, I hope you get the job! If you don't, I know it's because God has something even better planned for you!

Ciera said...

MC - Thinking about it.

Jules - thanks! :)

I'm not sure if I want it right now, but I'm not crossing it off my list. If he gives me a shot, I might find that I am better at reporting than I think I would be. Although, I know that if I stay where I am at, I could be running the place in just a few years...LOL!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ciera, whatever you do, don't turn a chance like this job down. It is an opoortunity to do so much more.

M. C. Pearson said...

Yeah, I'm with the Captain. Go for it, Ciera!

Ciera said...

thanks you two.

it's up to God now.

Ciera said...

and the editor