Sunday, October 22, 2006

All Is Not Lost

But boy am I confused!

I walk into work tonight...not knowing what to expect from that man of mine...cuz he said we were gonna be different at know, to make it easier that we can't be together right now. He was a little "off" cuz he's got two toothaches, but he was still teasing and flirting...!!!!! WTF?!?! Ticked me right off...and he knew it, even if he didn't understand why at first { I clued him in later}. Turns out.....he's confused about us too right now. Partly my fault, cuz I've sent some emails to him. I don't like that he's let the gossip of others interfere with our life outside of work...and maybe I've gotten that through his head. Maybe!

I also don't like that he's shoving me to the side just because he's having money issues...well, hello?! Me too!! Makes me feel more like a toy he can pick up and set down....grrrr......But I haven't had a chance to talk to him about that yet...something I don't want to do in email either...might have to though...poor guy is strapped for time. Needless to say...there's some more talking to be done!

Those Bitches also have made life so miserable that Flirt quit. She's the one that gave me some worries at first cuz of the flirting with Boyfriend...but I saw him change when I told him it was bothering me, so then she was just irritating and not quite as bothersome. She was a bit of a slacker...but as Boss says, even bad help is better than no help...and to be honest...I haven't seen one person there who hasn't slacked off from time to time, even the biggest complainer about it...she's just jealous cuz she can't stand around at the same time! :P on her! But it's wrong that they made life so miserable for her that she quit. That's harrassment...and they didn't do anything about it. I'm not far behind her either, for very nearly the same reasons...although for some reason, the Biggest Bitch actually seems to like me...well, as much as she can like people....I'm just too damn likable I guess! Cuz I sure haven't been trying to get her to like me.

But the Bosses knew that there was a plot to get Flirt fired. And they didn't do anything. Yet? Boss did make a hint that someone else would be gone before the end of the week. Perhaps someone is going to be fired? Better not be Boyfriend. That would be just plain stupid, even though he does cop an attitude sometimes....everyone else does! Maybe it's me...for being very bad and spreading that the Boss thinks the Biggest Bitch is a lesbian...and Boss knows exactly who that would have come from too...but if they fire me for gossiping...wouldn't they have to fire other people as well???? Hey, if they can gossip about me...they're fair game too. I know, not very Christian of me. Maybe they're gonna fire her? I wouldn't be able to quit then...I'm the only one that knows her jobs! Rats!

Ok. Done venting for right now. Might be easier to keep up blogging now that my Mom's gotten the internet! I'm gonna go read the paper while I wait for her to get up so I can crash on her bed for a while!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a messy situation in your workplace, Ciera, with so many against each other.

Ciera said...

reminds me of First Baptist....only there people were nicer about screwing you over when they didn't like you...

Cliff said...

Be easy, but firm, (sounds contradictory but it isn't) on Boyfriend. Like I said, guys can be dumb.

About the work place, just remember that God has called us to be a light that shines in the dark. That's what Jesus did, and people still say nasty things about him. They even have rumors about Him having had sex with someone. Also, remember that all things work together for those that love Jesus.

utenzi said...

Sounds pretty nasty to me also, Ciera. Watch your back! It doesn't matter if "everybody is doing it" when they want to fire someone. It only matters that they have you on record as doing it.

Ciera said...

it's a nasty world Utenzi. But thanks for the warning. They have others on record's just that there is a different set of rules for different people...good thing I have another job to fall back on!

Cliff - I've tried shining. I'm only resented for being wears on you after a while.