Thursday, July 26, 2007


So, here I sit --- 7:30AM...when I should be sleeping, but am instead waiting for the DMV to open up so that I can renew my drivers license. Sigh. Why can't the dayshifters cooperate with the nightshifters a little...ya know...stay open a little later...or open up sooner...or just plain have longer hours all togehter...??? And when it comes to good old PennDOT...why can't they be open more than one day a week in the same spot? Why do I have to wait until Thursday for them to be open in a locale near me? I mean, it's either that or drive forever to get to one that's open on another day....ok, that's a little melodramatic, but hey, that's me!

I guess I'd best let y'all start leaving comments again...that way, when it's really my birthday next week, you can leave me b-day greetings...or you can ignore me like they do at work...that'll be ok too.

I looked out mom's window a litle while ago, and saw a goodsized bunch of cornflowers opening up to the rising sun. So I thought I'd post a couple pictures I found online. They are just soooo pretty. I remember one morning years ago...I was out walking the dogs or some such nonsense, and we live on this dirt road right? Well, both sides were lined with cornflowers...creating this blue path...the far away view was amazing, because you couldn't see the individual flowers, just the blurry blue. It was amazing! I so wish I had a picture of that!
I want to move. No real reason other than that I am bored with where I am at. There's never anything to do. No where close to go to do anything, except maybe the mall in Horseheads...but one can only window shop for so long! I want a place where there are more stores open 24-7 other than the local convenience Pump-n-Pantry, whose pizza is somewhat lacking, I might add! I want a place where there are movies played more often. And to be honest, I just want to go someplace different, see different people, experience culture shock!!!
Ok...the DMV opens in 45 minutes, so by the time it takes me to finish the computer stuff...wash my face and brush my should be time to go. No matter what I do, the pic is going to be bad...I have to spend how much for a bad pic?!?! That is so unfair!
ttyl! :D


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Licence and passport pictures never seem very complimentary. My passport picture was taken when I had a cold and it looks awful!

Daydream believer said...

Well, sounds like you need to head a bit East on Rt 6 *wink*

Plenty to do in this town...and lots and lots of DRAMA.

:) you won't be bored. And yes, PENNDOT is a nightmare.

Jean Luc, does space travel still require passports??

Ciera said...

Jean-Luc: I was sooo tired, that I just took the first pic they took!

DayDreamer: hmmm...there's a thought...