Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mail Call

I ought to heck my mailbox more often...I might find good news! Nothing so sweet as a check, but I learned that I rehabilitated an old student loan. This is good. My payments will now be lower, if I wanted to I could get more student loans, and this will go on my credit rating and make it look better..well, a little better at any rate!

I think I hear a mouse. I hope it's a mouse and not that squirrel that got into mom's trailer a few weeks ago!! I hope he goes away.

I was back on nights tonight! Finally! I know this seems odd...but I like being on nights. I'm a night person, so this makes sense. True, it has its hardly ever getting to see the sun. Having to either stay up late or get up early to go to places like the bank, doctors etc... But at this place, I like the pace of nightshift better...there is more going on, and it's faster. And I like most of the people better...mostly! I'm afraid they're going to try to transfer me to days that they can put Christinia in the plateroom on nights...cuz she's giving up the supervisorposition and is threatening to quit....and she told me long ago that she loved working in the plateroom. I'm not sure what they'd do with the girl on days....or where they'd put me...but it is a thought that has crossed through my mind. I don't want to!!! I hope they don't. Yet - not my will, but God's be done...right??? Oh, I still don't want one say a word and maybe they won't think of it!!!!

OK. I'm off. Have to find a bite to eat before going to the bank and then going to bed.