Sunday, September 09, 2007

Off Again

Short lived trip that was. Yep, the Glory Girls trip is off again. Probably for good this time. Not that anyone is telling me what is going on. I go out to my mother's for a few days to babysit the dogs and all sorts of crap happens. I'm not even sure if there is a group called 'the Glory Girls' anymore! Sheesh!

Speaking of Mom's - I'm stranded there again. Flat tire this time, so I should only be here long enough for the garages to open on Monday so that I can get the tire fixed. I ought to get around to getting my spare fixed as well so that next time I have a flat, I can just throw that baby on...or get some guys to do that for me! The guys at the little store I had to stop at would have done that in a heart beat...if I'd had a working spare!

So I'm sitting her at Mom's, having been woke up waaaay too early for having had to help with the Sunday paper last night...during which there had been a thunderstorm so loud that I could hear the thunder above the noise of both the inserter and the press! I wonder if maybe it was because the 'garage door' at the other end of the building was open? But I think we'd have heard it anyway.

I have a baby shower to go to this afternoon, and I don't have a present for the new mom yet :( Well, if Mom comes back soon enough, I can always go to the store before hand, right? I hope so!

Allrighty then...I'm signing off to go work on my Trek story. But - that reminds many times can Trek tell the same story? I finished reading "Resistance" ... the latest TNG paperback/novel ... and it's like a replay of "First Contact" ... only with out the time travel ... and this time it gets just a little "catty" between Dr. Crusher and the Borg Queen ... especially after Picard is assimilated again. It was ok, parts of it were excellent, parts of it needed to be expounded upon a little more. I'm presently reading "Engines of Destiny" ... also another Borg story ... but this one has time travel and an alternate universe and Scotty and Kirk in it.

Ok, now I'm off! :D


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Those stories don't sound too original. Yours, on the other hand, certainly is.

Ciera said...

well, when you're writing "official Trek" you have to stay within the "official" playground...thus is the appeal of fan fiction! :)

Engines of Destiny was the better of the two.