Friday, September 14, 2007

ER Scare

I had such a scare tonight [Thursday night]. I'd been at work for just a couple hours when Mom called...sick and in pain. Scared the crap outa me...hearing her like that. To make a long story short --- she called for the ambulance, thinking it might be food poisoning [rice!], but it turned out to be a bad bladder infection...bad enough that they've kept her overnight.

The entire time I'm waiting to hear whether she's ok or not, I'm thinking..."Was I nice to her the last time I was with her? Was I grouchy? When was the last time I hugged her? The last time I told her I loved her?" She might aggravate me...irritate me...frustrate me...but she's still my mom and I love her. Ya know.
I think that if Jerry had been there when she called, that he would have let me go be with her in the ER...but he didn't arrive until later in the night. And I wouldn't have been easily spared otherwise. Part of being "indispensible" at work. I don't think Jerry would know what to do without me some nights. Though he'd never admit it.

All's well that ends well. Mom's ok and in a fairly good hospital. I'm here with the animals so they don't poo in the wrong places and near the phone for when she's ready to come home.

And, apparently, Fluke Starbucker is back. Life will never be the same again! :)


Fluke Starbucker said...

Will you be making her some cookies for when she's out?

uh... I haven't seen Sprok since I've been back...

I think something terrible has happened to him... like his password is lost, or something.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Where has Fluke appeared from? Had he vanished?

That must have been scary at the ER for you, Ciera.

Ciera said...

Fluke: something better than cookies...I just fed her a darvocet. Too bad about Sprok...but at least you're back :D

Jean-Luc: it was scary even though I never made it to the ER myself

Mom was released from the hospital late Friday night, after having some mega doses of antibiotic, but when I got here after work, she's back to having the same pain and fever. Hoping I won't have to drive her to the ER...