Saturday, September 15, 2007

Little Pink Pills

Ahhh....thank God for the "little" pink pills called darvocet! I got to Mom's after work and found her in pain again. I called the ER and talked with a dude there and he said to treat her fever first, and to see if some pain meds would help first before taking her back in. So, she's not allowed to take anything related to Advil, because of all the meds she's on [diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure] but she had some darvocets which I guess are in the tylenol family so I fed her one of those along with a dose of children's tylenol and that seemed to do the trick. She was out and sleeping in under an hour. She's still feeling a little yucky today, but feeling a little better.

Another Saturday night at work. I'll have to plate the Ithaca and TriVillage pennysavers, then wait for the Front section of the Sunday paper to arrive. It'll be a nice easy night....or it should be! How many times have I gone in thinking it's going to be an easy night, and have been surprised by some funky "hiccup"??? Too many times to count!

Maybe my favorite pressman will come back tonight and say hello...hey, it's worth hoping for! He has such a nice smile :)

I will have time for lunch tonight, though I don't know what I'm taking yet. I am NOT getting Burger King again....ever....except their Mocha Joe, that's good. Maybe I'll get a sub or something. KayLyn ran out to McDonald's last night on her lunch and got me French Fries, which hit the spot so nicely, even though they were only warm and not hot....she must have sped though for them to not be cold!

Mom and I are watching Star Trek 4, getting a giggle out of their antics. It's really a wonder how they survived some of the things they did! What is that saying? Fortune smiles upon fools and ships named Enterprise? Close enough...even though in 4 the ship is actually a Klingon vessel b/c the Klingons were a bother in Star Trek 3 and the Enterprise was destroyed...but it's still the same crew, so ya know!

I might get to go home tonight after work. I've spent more time here at my mom's than in my own apartment during the past month that I think I ought to get a discount on rent!!! Ha!! Anyway, it'l be nice to be able to go home. If Mom's feeling well enough. She can't be too bad if she's watching Trek with me, b/c she's never been a big fan! LOL!!

Y'all have a good weekend! ttyl :D


Jean-Luc Picard said...

So you're watching The Voyage Home, where they try to get two whales. There are a lot of funny lines there.

Fluke Starbucker said...

If she's ever going to become a Star Trek fan, now's the time to expose her to it...

... while she's on Darvoset.

Ciera said...

Jean-Luc: yep, like Kirk trying to explain why Spock was a little wierd...if his headband had fallen off, I wonder if he would have resorted to the "rice-picker" story?

Fluke: When on darvocet, one finds themselves very agreeable to ... well .. just about anything! I remember being very very very happy when I was taking it!