Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

Ok, I'm a little late, but like Christmas, Easter is a holiday that can be celebrated more than just one day a year!

Our Easter was kind of low-key this year. I worked until 4AM getting the paper out, so I slept until just after noon. None of us went to church, not even for a sunrise service. Mom was wiped out from our food shopping on Saturday, her knee just doesn't co-operate with her. She has a worse time with her knee than I do mine. Hers justs hurts for no reason other than a goofy genetic defect. Me, I sprained mine dancing like a pentacostal idiot in Ohio last fall. So, we slept late and just fixed dinner at a "whenever" rate. Liston made a batch of Hot Cross buns, with raisins...and then I made my batch, without raisins!! He even made the homemade rolls this year too. We had a simple spread - ham, mashed potatoes, squash, green-bean casserole, the rolls, and ham gravy. Mom had a wine cooler and I went of the darvocet today so that I could have a glass of wine with dinner too.

I might try going to work Tuesday without the painkillers, although I know the crew is amused over some of my pill induced antics. Although, some of it isn't the meds...I'm just not caring what they think and am my lovable silly self. Imagine my off key singing voice loudly and joyously singing "Jesus is Alive"!!!

We've also been watching old episodes of SG1. Wish we had more discs of it, but what we've got is a good start.

All have gone to bed now, except for this nightshifter. Although I won't be up much longer. I've been running a lowgrade fever all day today ~ 100.3F. There's been some bug going around at work, and I'm just gonna be so ticked if I've caught it. I mean, I take my vitamin C every day and I'm not really around others at work that much. Ahhhh!!! Hopefully it'll be a quick bug.

I'm about ready to post my first journalistic attempt on my other blog. I'll let you know for sure when I post it.

It was a good day.

Catch y'all later :)

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck with your journal attempt.